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December 29, 1999

Have a safe and happy new year
The end of the year is always a special time. It is a time of renewal. It is a time to reflect on the good and bad and make plans for a better future. It is a time to celebrate accomplishments. As 1999 comes to a close, it is even more special because we will be entering a new century.
Much media attention has been given to the "Y2K bug" and the havoc it may create when the new year rolls around. Fortunately, our state and county leaders have been working on this for years. They have replaced computers and say there is nothing to worry about. Only time will tell whether their hard work and planning pays off. But they are to be commended for the effort.
We encourage everyone to have a safe holiday. Remember, the danger of drinking and driving and don't take any chances. And as a Banks County pastor said on Sunday, "Don't panic. Be prepared, but don't panic."

The Banks County News
December 29, 1999

Disputes editorial
Dear Editor:
I'm writing in reference to the editorial published in the Wednesday, Dec. 22, Banks County newspaper. To quote in part, "the imagery of the Christ Child being born in a stable beneath a bright star surrounded by both learned wise men and humble Shepherd," was part of the cause for the United States Supreme Court to rule against prayer in state schools and objects on state buildings or grounds. The United States Supreme Court may also rule against any prayers by students, teachers or outside parties on school grounds during its next sitting.
These types of rulings are being caused by misprinting and teaching on the birth of Jesus, according to the Bible. The first fact noted in the Bible is that it is not clear the birth date of God's Son. The second and third fact in the Bible is according to the Book of Matthew, Chapter 2, verse 11 and the Book of Luke, Chapter 2, verses 7 and 8, clearly noting two separate times of visits. The Wise Men noted in the Book of Matthew and the Shepherds in the Book of Luke. Until the churches, film makers and newspapers start showing and printing the corrects visits to God's Son according to God's word, the devil is winning at Christmas. It is a sad note to God and his Son that we the teachers and believers will not take action to correct this false picture.
David C. McKinney

Disputes claim on courthouse debt
Dear Editor:
I noticed with dismay the Chamber's claim to have paid off the indebtedness of the historical courthouse. The inference being that the Chamber used Chamber funds for the debt eradication. The indebtedness was paid by funds generated from the hotel-motel tax.
The tax funds have not only paid off the indebtedness but have assisted the Chamber via insurance, electricity, heat, telephone, email, signs, maintenance and repair of the historical courthouse (painting of the lower floor), personnel wages, personal taxes, postage and the Banks County festival.
Originally, the 1990 contract between the county, Chamber and Society stipulated that 40 percent of the net hotel tax would be paid to the Chamber with the Chamber agreeing to "deliver to the Society eighty percent of the funds for repairs, renovation, improvements, refurbishing, and renovations of the old courthouse."
Any amounts not needed for the renovation would be returned to the Chamber. This segment of the 1990 contract was not followed. Certainly, some agreement was made between the two bodies.
Richard Chambers

By Angie Gary
The Banks County News
December 29, 1999

Want to get your
name on this list?
Write us a letter
Everything from the deregulation of the gas industry to a call for return to prayer in schools caught the attention of people who wrote letters to the editor this year. The Banks County News editorial page featured 67 letters from our readers in 1999. We hope to receive even more letters next year.
Letter writing was once the only form of communication for most people. Letters were hand-written, often several pages long and usually very eloquent and heartfelt.
Letter writing has now become a dying form of communication. People seldom take the time to write a letter to friends and family. It is much easier to just call or send a quick email (which isn't the same as a personal, hand-written note).
We welcome letters to the editor. They show the true character of our readers and add much to our publication. The opinions, lively debate and commentary truly represent what Banks County and its citizens are all about.
The issues that brought the most letters were usually on actions by local government. Many were praising their actions, while a few others offered complaints. The person who wrote the most letters during the year was David McKinney, who wrote eight on a wide range of topics. Adele Kushner, Alto, was close behind with six letters. The letters came from throughout Banks County and even as far away as Argentina.
Those who wrote letters during the year were:
Adele Kushner, Alto
David C. McKinney, Homer
Tim Randall, Hollingsworth
Larry and Jane Maney, Baldwin
Larry Burdge, Baldwin
Bill Gowder, Maysville
Bonnie Johnson, Baldwin
M.S. Werner, Homer
Jimmy Hooper
A.J. Harrell, Homer
Chris Bridges, Winder
Patricia Cook, Alto
Harold R. Ballew Jr., Commerce
Rev. David R. Ball, Maysville,
Andy Martin, Maysville,
Sally Lincoln
Nolan E. Ragsdale, Homer
Scott and Sandra Evans Sr.
Joyce Carver, Maysville
Cecil Callaway, Homer
Renay Campbell, Lula
Charles Chapman
Gerald L. Barnes Sr.
Tammy Bramlett, Homer
Johnny Mulkey, Lula
Randy and Kathy Jackson, Argentina
David C. McKinney, Homer
Glenda Thurmond, Mississippi
Lamar Wilbanks, Baldwin
Sherry Ward
Tammy Wilbanks, Commerce
Olen Jack King, Alto
Simon Hartly, Homer
Donna L. Brown, Commerce
Edna Tolar, Homer
Laura Wilbanks, Baldwin
Grover Stewart and Benny Pierce, Alto
Tracey Alexander, Homer
Emily B. Calhoun, Alto
Tracey Alexander, Homer
Michael Johns, Wilmonts District
Atha Dalton, Baldwin
Jesse Mealor, Homer
Pat Peterson
Lydia McClure, Homer
Jeff M. Gowder
John C. Poss, Tucker
Joan V. Murray, Jefferson
Mrs. Grady McDuffie, Baldwin
Janet Galloway, Homer
Bess Crawford
Angie Gary is editor of The Banks County News.

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