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For the period from March 22, 2000 through April 26, 2000

Contract No. 1

Raw Water Pumping Station
Began backfilling around the Pumping Station

Raw Water Pumping Station
Placing formwork fo the elevated
slab in the Pump Room area.

Raw Water Pumping Station
Cleaning wet well area after formwork
removal and concrete finishing. Facing West.

Raw Water Pumping Station
Bolted up and set the 48-inch Raw Water Discharge Header within the Pump Station Raw Water Wet Well. Facing West.

Contract No. 2

48" Raw Water Main Pipe Trench Area
Clearing areas along pipe trench for pipe deliveries.

48" Rqw Water Main Pipe Delivery
Piping delivered and set in place along
the north side of Route 330. Facing east.

Contract No. 3

Clearwell Area
Installed and concrete encased 48"
Clear Well Influent piping.

Clearwell Area
Clearwell excavation completed. Facing west.

Contract No. 3 (cont.)

Reservoir Pump Station Electrical Building
Installing electrical conduits. Facing southwest.

Maintenance Building
Preparing subgrade areas prior to installing reinforcing
steel and concrete placement. Facing northwest.

Reservoir Pump Station
Rock layer adjacent to Pump Station base slab area.

Reservoir Pump Station
Completed rock blasting activites and began subgrade cleanup.

Sedimentation Basins
Overview of the Sedimentaion Basin. Facing south.

Sedimentation Basins
Assembling wall formwork in preparation for
wall installations in the Sedimentation Basins.

Contract No. 5

Earth Embankment
Installing wall forms for the Low Level Tower.

Earth Embankment
Cleaning the 72" pipe trench. Facing southwest.

Earth Embankment
Placing flowable concrete within the 72" pipe trench.
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