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For Ethical Government and Responsible Spending

Chairman, Jackson County BOC
Republican Primary July 20, 2004

Pat Bell's has a proven record of
PUBLIC service,
Not SELF service

Republican Pat Bell is a longtime servant of Jackson County. She has served Jackson County both as a conservative State Representative in the Georgia House as well as a responsive, tax-cutting County Commissioner and has an intimate knowledge of how government should operate, from the local level to the state level. How can I help Pat Bell? Click here.


While serving as county commissioner from 1996-2000, she was the driving force in Jackson County to complete the Bear Creek Reservoir project. This project will not only ensure that Jackson County's water needs are met for the next 30 years but it will also mean a profit for our county. She also helped to secure state and federal grants that helped to bring major employers to the county, including Nicolon, Caterpillar, Tanger, Mayfield, Freightliner, Hitachi, Georgia Power Plant and Simpson Brick. In all, she was instrumental in securing some $1.5 million in employment enhancement-related grants for the county, and another $2.16 million in grants to provide water and sewer improvements to support those industries. In addition, her work as county commissioner led to the procurement of grants to rebuild the covered bridge at Hurricane Shoals, and to build a new county health department, a new mental health center and a new Head Start Center. In all, grants to the county during her four-year tenure as commissioner totaled nearly $5 million. In addition, Pat was instrumental in the purchase of Sell Mill for the county recreation department.

Pat's knack for securing outside financial resources for local projects continued while serving as state representative in 2001-2002. While at the capitol, she was able to obtain $800,000 in state appropriations for local employment incentives, a $1.5 million appropriation for local development authority efforts, and another $1.5 million for the development of the proposed Concord Road in the I-85/US 129 area. She also obtained $800,000 for the further development of the Jackson County Airport, and restored $241,835 to Commerce City Schools. Public safety in Jackson County was also a major beneficiary during Pat's tenure as representative. In all, she procured six separate appropriations totaling $80,000 to enhance facilities, and to purchase equipment and protective gear for various county volunteer fire departments and the local rescue squad. Was able to secure one of only eleven First Responder fire trucks in the state for the City of Commerce. Jefferson City Schools received $10,000, and the City of Braselton $5,000 for various projects while Pat served in Atlanta. How can I help Pat Bell? Click here.

Pat Bell is a graduate of Western North Carolina University. She was a University of Georgia county Extension Service agent for 30 years, serving 23 of those years as director of the Jackson County office. She graduated from the Extension Management Development Institute. She is a Certified County Commissioner and Pat has undergone special training in leadership development, conflict management, group leadership, communication techniques and how to evaluate personnel and management issues. She is the best candidate for Chairman with the training, the skills and the experience to lead our county for the next four years.

That special training and leadership have been put to good use, not only as a Jackson County commissioner and state representative, but also in a number of "hands-on" volunteer activities. Here are just a few examples:

· Developed the Jackson County Youth Leadership Program
· Served as a member of the Governor's Economic Development Program for Northeast Georgia
· Was a top leader in efforts to first clean up and then create Hurricane Shoals Park
· An active member of the Tumbling Waters Society
· Served on Upper Oconee Water Authority
· Served as a member of the Governor's Conference on Children and Youth
· Member of the Jackson County Human Resource Council; assisted the Regional Evening School, Jackson County Mentoring program, a number of local Farm Bureau programs and a Victory Rally to Support Our Troops abroad
· Member of GRETA (Georgia Regional Transportation Authority)
· Board Member, Jackson County Boys and Girls Club
· Served on Governor's Commitee on Teen Driving and DUI
· Numerous other activities that have enhanced our community

She is also a leader with small business experience. Because she has managed a retail store and café in the past, she knows how taxation and government regulations can adversely affect private enterprise, especially small companies.

Led County's Financial Turnaround...
When Pat Bell took office as a Jackson County Commissioner in January, 1997, the county had to borrow money to make its payroll and to meet other financial obligations. Through her leadership, she was not only able to wipe out that debt, but she also lowered our tax rate and improved county services.

How? Simple: By demanding accountability for the spending of every dollar and taking advantage of the county's natural growth. Pat Bell initiated the following to control waste in Jackson County's government:

· Privatized economic development
· Gained control of credit cards held by county employees.
· Reorganized county departments and agencies, without making them larger
· Wrote an expense account system for all county officials
· Established road work priorities based on need instead of politics (in a glaring contrast, a road that would ensure the construction of a $60 million industrial facility in Jackson County is being held up due to personal politics)
· Set up a maintenance schedule for county vehicles and equipment so they would stay in operation longer and at less cost

Saved Taxpayers Millions as State Representative...
When Pat Bell was our State Representative during 2001-2002, cuts of more than $329 million were made by the state for county property owners and $24 million for city property owners. Those state reductions put an average of $200 back into the pockets of the average homeowner.
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Pat Bell's family is noted for their accomplishments. She is married to John Bell, a Science Department teacher at Jefferson High School. Their son Greg is a Hazardous Materials Specialist for the University of Georgia. Pat's daughter-in-law Kim is a Respiratory Specialist. Pat's pride is her granddaughter Hannah.

What others say about a person is as important as what the candidate claims to be or have done. This is what others, Republicans, Democrats and independents, say about Pat Bell:

"It's a pleasure to work with folks like Pat Bell who do things right."
-- Mike Beatty, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs

". . . Pat Bell rallied her 4-H Club members to clean up the river (at Hurricane Shoals). They took 18 dump truck loads of trash out of the bottom of our river . . . . We are grateful to Pat Bell and her ability to see beyond what was, to see what could be, and then to make it happen."
-- Seven Former Presidents, Tumbling Waters Society, Sept. 11, 2000 Ad

"Pat Bell reminds me of a quote from Thomas Jefferson: 'The difference between a politician and a true leader is the politician just thinks about the next election, where a true leader thinks about the next generation.' That describes Pat Bell in the way she has lived her whole life. I see her as the role model to which all parents, teachers, leaders and community servants should aspire."
-- Penney Mabe, Chief Executive Officer/Business Owner

"Pat Bell looks and listens to determine what the needs are and what the people of her county want."
-- University of Georgia magazine

"I could stand up here all afternoon telling you good things about Pat Bell. (She) has done great things for our kids in Jackson County but the average citizen doesn't know how much Pat does for them . . . I couldn't turn her down for many things because I knew she had Jackson County at heart."
-- Former Chairman, Jackson County Board of Commissioners

"Pat Bell is the epitome of integrity and professionalism."
-- Jackson County Business Owner

"Few people possess her energy and her dedication, and Jackson County has benefited from both. Her leadership has been steady for almost a quarter of a century and has helped shape many of the county's leading citizens. She has gone out of her way, putting in many hours . . . . "
-- Local News Column, Jackson County

"Pat Bell not only provided leadership, but also did a lot of the nitty-gritty. She didn't just sit in her office and point out chores for others to do ­ she also worked her own fingers to the bone."
-- Feature Article

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 Pat Bell Stands For

Pat Bell is a person of honor, ethical behavior, integrity, honesty and character.

These qualities are more important than any others for anyone seeking public office.

Being a public servant is a trust, not an opportunity for selfish gain or the wielding of personal power to reward cronies or punish perceived "enemies."

Pat Bell is noted for her candor, truthfulness and honesty. Her decisions have always been based on the public's interest, not her own desires.

Voters don't have to agree with Pat Bell on every issue to know that she will listen to them attentively, that she will consider all views and that her ultimate decisions will be based on what is best for everyone.

Even her political opponents must acknowledge her sincerity, devotion to the public good, her honesty and her good character.

She brings people together ­ rather than dividing them for petty political gains. Her specialty is making others look good.

Pat Bell takes to heart the adage that "anything can be accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit."

Vote for an honest person who cares for Jackson County and its people.

Elect Pat Bell as the Republican candidate for chairman of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners during the Primary on July 20, 2004.

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Pat Bell has the courage to change her mind, but not her principles. She shares many of the same beliefs as Georgia's U.S. Sen. Zell Miller. Like our senior senator, Pat was reared by a strong-willed mountain mother with strong values concerning church, home and country. As the national Democratic Party shifted further and further away from a reflection of the heart and soul of Southern people, Pat saw the need to stay true to her principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and patriotism. "If there had been a 'conservative party' and "a liberal party," I would have always been a member of the conservative side," Pat says. "Today's Republican Party on the state and national levels represents more of my principles."

Pat Bell helped Jackson County get out of debt when she served on the County Commission. She did it by demanding accountability for every dollar spent. As a result of her leadership and cooperation with other members of the Commission, county tax rates were cut by 5 mils, which, in one example, represents a tax reduction of $750 on a house assessed at $150,000. As a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, Pat Bell was successful in helping pass several bills that provided true tax relief. Her clear record on the County Commission and in the State House shows that she understands the importance of being a careful steward of taxpayers' money.

Pat Bell was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in 2002 because of her strong stance for the Second Amendment. She is for life, opposing abortion except in the very rare cases when pregnancy results from rape or incest, or a need to protect the life of the mother. Pat Bell is for traditional marriage and unalterably opposed to so-called "gay marriage" proposals. Pat Bell voted for Georgia House Resolution 1414, which proposed adding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution supporting prayer in schools. It passed easily, 140-14. She is in favor of posting the Ten Commandments ­ the basis of Western Civilization's laws ­ in public buildings. Pat Bell will work with citizens and other governments to help fund lawsuits protecting the right to display the Ten Commandments in public facilities. She is a conservative in every sense of the word.

 How I Can Help Pat Bell

Dear Fellow Jackson County Citizen:

During the past four years, our county commission chairman has raised taxes, ignored citizen input and divided the communities within our county. There is undoubtedly a lack of strong, ethical leadership from the current chairman.

That is why I have decided to run for this office. I stand for honesty, ethics, and lower taxes and I have a proven record of effectiveness in these areas. I believe in involving the people in decision-making that affects all of us. Together, we can bring honesty, pride, and cooperation back to our county. This is truly a grass-roots campaign and I need your help.

If you want to see Jackson County government change for the positive, in addition to voting for me, please help by choosing one of the following:

___ I will place a yard sign in my yard.
___ I will give out campaign materials to my friends and neighbors.
___ I will host a gathering of friends to meet Pat.
___ I will telephone voters prior to the election.
___ Other: ________________________________

Enclosed is a donation to support Pat in the amount of $____________.

Phone:____________________ Email Address:___________________ Occupation:________________________________________________

Thank you for your support.
Together, we can change Jackson County for the better!


Pat Bell

Please return to: Committee to Elect Pat Bell, 324 Martin Street, Jefferson, GA 30549

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Keith Ariail, Chairman
324 Martin St., Jefferson, Ga. 30549