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Friday - Saturday
May 21 - 22, 2004

Day 1: Sunday
May 23, 2004

Day 2: Monday
May 24, 2004

Day 3: Tuesday
May 25, 2004

Day 4: Wednesday
May 26, 2004

Day 5: Thursday
May 27, 2004

Day 6: Friday
May 28, 2004

Saturday & Sunday
May 29 - 30, 2004



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Since getting back, we've had several people asking about the adventure: Did we enjoy it? Yes, immensely. Was it dangerous? Sometimes, but not overly so. Was it tiring and strenuous? At times, yes. Was it expensive? Yes, but after seeing the incredible logistics that go into a trip like this, the expense is understandable. Was it worth the cost to us? Yes.

Was it appropriate for the boys' ages? Yes. As far as age concerns most teens that are used to the outdoors and camping would do fine. Younger, very mature, preteen children who can follow directions would probably do alright as well. And none of them will even think about television or Playstation, much less miss them.

Is it for everybody? No. If you don't like the combination of really cold water and really hot, dry air, you wouldn't like this trip. If the possibility of rapidly changing weather bothers you, don't go. If you don't like total isolation from the world, you wouldn't be comfortable. If you don't like heights, you wouldn't enjoy the trip, as much of it includes side hikes to very narrow, very high places. If big whitewater scares you, stay home. If you like total privacy, this trip is not for you. If you must have a warm shower every day - or even once a week, you won't care for such a trip. And if you are only modestly interested in camping, this trip probably wouldn't work for you.

But for us, it was truly the trip of a lifetime - one unlike any other. Many people have seen the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon from the top looking down. But we consider ourselves fortunate to have viewed it from the other direction for seven days on the wild, roiling Colorado River. John summed it up: "Damn good way to spend a week, eh?"

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