The Banks County Sheriff's Office charged 13 people last week, including the following:

•Brandon Lee McCallister, 25, 239 Nix Road, Alto, battery under the family violence act.

•Braden Griffon Townsend, 34, 563 Burgin Street, Baton Rouge, La., financial transaction card theft and financial transaction card fraud.

•Rance Leon Gibbs, 33, 4308 Old Highway 441, Alto, parole violation and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

•Eva Letisha Ryder, 43, 214 Anderson Drive, Cleveland, battery.

•Oscar Wilmer Davis Estevez, 43, 210 Lula Lane, Greenville, S.C., driving without a valid license, distracted driving and unlawful possession of a false document.

•Austin Scott Perry Atherton, 21, 139 Ridgeland Court, Maysville, theft by shoplifting.

•John Thompson III, 78, 126 Rylee Street, Homer, hit and run accident.

•Jonathan Edward Wozniak, 39, 25 View Point Place, Lavonia, DUI, endangering a child by driving under the influence, open container violation and following too closely.

•Marc Anthony Brock, 49, 3156 Fernway Street, Sebring, Fla., DUI.

•Javarr Avion Goods, 36, 7421 East Robinwood Street, 36, 7421 East Robinwood Street, Detroit, Mich., DUI, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to maintain lane and distracted driving.

•Diego Contreras, 19, 144 Tucker Drive, Alto, DUI, hit and run, failure to maintain lane and tire violation.

•Paul Dennis Gillespie Jr., 40, 1525 Loggins Road, Commerce, aggravated stalking.

•Dwight Brandon Wood, 39, 71 Hale Drive, Maysville, battery.


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