Thirteen people were arrested during the past week by the Banks County Sheriff's Office.

They include the following:

•Raven Nicole Reichert, 21, 256 Friendly Mission Lane, Cornelia, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUI).

•Robert Brandon Buchanan, 31, 2837 Hollywood Church Road, Clarksville, DUI and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

•Julia Mashburn Poole, 33, 116 Grand Oaks Drive, Clarksville, battery.

•Melissa Marie Taylor, 39, 91 Hillcrest Street, Commerce, theft by shoplifting.

•Brendon Michael Britt, 25, 953 Cloud Springs Road, Rossville, fraudulent attempt to obtain refunds.

•Kevin Wade Jordan, 42, 5626 Pease Avenue, Braselton, DUI and theft by shoplifting.

•Kimberly Leann Franklin, 25, 734 Hickory Hills Road, Danielsville, disorderly conduct and public drunk.

•Anthony Eric Adams, 31, 329 Gardiner Road, Homer, battery.

•Jill Elizabeth Mendozabenitez, 41, 8843 Hwy. 106 South, Hull, theft by shoplifting.

•Michael Jeffery Randall, 39, 119 Zays Lane, Commerce, theft by receiving stolen property.

•John Anthony Sutton, 18, 1183 Payne Road, Homer, DUI, reckless driving and improper parking.

•Caleb Christopher Sutton, 21, 581 Scales Creek Road, Homer, battery.

•Amy Elizabeth Turpin, 42, 145 Wilson Street, Maysville, forgery, theft of services, theft by taking and probation violation.


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