The Banks County Sheriff's Office charged 17 people last week, including the following:

•Russell Edmond Armistead, 44, 300 Forest Avenue, Gainesville, simple battery.

•James Anton Wakulsky, 63, 196 Melvin Drive, Jefferson, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUI), open container violation and improper turn.

•Ruth Dianne Wheeler, 35, 1664 Hwy. 98 West, Danielsville, theft by shoplifting.

•Crista Michelle Clay, 24, 19 College Street, Auburn, theft by shoplifting.

•Daniel Alexander Floyd, 36, 1812 Eagle Eye Road, Gainesville, theft by shoplifting.

•Michelle Lynne Underhile, 43, 117 Ervin Kirk Road, Danielsville, theft by shoplifting.

•Corey Dwight Howington, 33, 3231 Baker Road, Gainesville, probation violation.

•Juan Aguilera Moreno, 36, 779 Berlin Road, Homer, simple battery.

•Austin Kent Phillips, 19, 4826 Old Pendergrass Road, Jefferson, theft by shoplifting.

•Windy Smith, 18, 276 Bennett Road, Homer, failure to appear.

•Randall Shane Fisher, 45, 336 Simmons Road, Baldwin, driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Erin Elizabeth Gentry, 27, 3524 Hwy. 60, Pendergrass, theft by shoplifting.

•Ammar Shaban Othman, 34, 22840 103 Road Avenue S.E., Kent, Wa., willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer and trafficking in illegal drugs.

•James Darrell Chapman, 56, 1955 Kesler Road, Carnesville, probation violation.

•Fabion Olandez, 23, Alto, false imprisonment and burglary.

•Justin William Staples, 31, Commerce, probation violation.

•Jeffrey Thornton, 34, 705 Lakeview Road, Lavonia, theft by shoplifting, possession of fraudulent documents and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

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