This antique radio will be placed in the Historic Jail in Banks County.

The latest acquisition of the Banks County Historical Society is a 1929 RCA Radiola 46, which will be located in the Historic Jail in Homer.

In the 1920s and 1930s, families all over America got their news and information from the radio. Henry David Banks recalls in his book, "From Bushville to Banks Crossing," the first time he ever heard a radio at his brother's house. Milton Dalton remembers when his grandaddy, who had no electricity, had an old generator sitting on his front porch which had just enough power to run his radio at night.

“I'm sure many of our citizens remember the days when the radio was the most prized possession in the house for their parents or grandparents,” states Mellisa Dalton, a member of the Banks County Historical Society. “It was the only outlet to the world.”

The Banks County Historical Society is in the process of trying to recreate what life would have been like for the Banks County Sheriff and his family in the 1930s when they lived in living quarters at the Banks County Jail.

“We have added this awesome RCA Radiola 46 made in 1929 to our collection,” Mrs. Dalton said. “I can just imagine the sheriff and his wife sitting around it after dinner in the evening listening to the news of the world.”

Dalton invites the public to, “Come by the Banks County Historic Courthouse when the museum is open, and you get a free tour of the Historic Jail as well.”

The museum is open on Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Private tours for groups can also be arranged.

Call Mrs. Dalton at 706-677-3693 for more information.


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