Thirty people were charged by the Banks County Sheriff's Office last week, including the following:

•Justin William Staples, 31, Commerce, probation violation.

•Jeffrey Scott Thornton, 34, 705 Lakeview Road, Lavonia, shoplifting, possession of fraudulent identification and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

•Chanell Mikyrra All, 30, 521 Firethorn Court, Villa Rica, identity fraud.

•James Brandon Morgan, 35, 648 Glassy Orchard Road, Tiger, theft by shoplifting.

•Juan Carlos Muniz, 47, 3225 Sunrise Village, Norcross, driving without a valiid license.

•Joseph Montana Lee Baird, 29, 271 Lewis Trail, Lavonia, contempt of court.

•Darin Lee Dyer, 56, 900 Battery Avenue, Atlanta, hold for Gwinnett County.

•Corey Kinta Stevenson, 43, 1288 Johnson Bridges Road, Danielsville, probation violation.

•Bethanie Mae Walker, 42, 1145 Parkview Road, Winterville, theft by shoplifting.

•Teawanna L. Cornelius, 33, 250 Catalpe Drive, Athens, theft by shoplifting.

•John David Denbow, 56, 148 Eisenhower Drive, Commerce, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUI) and tail light violation.

•Brandon Leroy Sewell, 24, 653 Holloway Road, Danielsville, possession of methamphetamine, expired tag, driving while license suspended or revoked, possession of marijuana, theft by taking, family violence battery, aggravated assault, battery and giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

•Brandon Leroy Sewell, 24, 653 Holloway Road, Danielsville, driving while license suspended.

•Robert Allen Wonsey, 33, 108 Oakwood Village, Oakwood, theft by shoplifting.

•Patrick Hilton Edwards, 34, 310 Skeet Hill Court, Auburn, possession of methamphetamine, loitering or prowling and possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

•Paul Grindle, 42, 96 Duncan Swindle Road, Commerce, hold for city of Monroe.

•Danny William Morris, 42, 140 Deer Meadows Estates Road, Carnesville, probation violation.

•Christopher Shane Posten, 52, 6208 Helen Street, Lula, probation violation.

•Michael Ethan Wood, 27, 5629 Yonah Homer Road, Alto, theft by taking and possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

•Julia Marie Black, 34, 783 McDonald Circle, Commerce, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine and entering a guard line under the influence of drugs.

•Michael Joshua Dorsey, 45, 437 Queen Road, Gillsville, failure to appear, drugs not in original container, crossing guard lines with weapons, intoxicants or drugs, DUI, possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance and possession of methamphetamine.

•Michael David Niebaum, 50, 121 Sims Street, Maysville, shoplifting.

•Matthew Tillman Bagwell, 32, 84 Hood Street, Commerce, shoplifting, burglary and failure to appear.

•Deanna M. Bettis, 39, 1038 Brockton Loop, Jefferson, identity theft fraud.

•Jared Thomas Douglas, 36, 1104 Pinckey Avenue, Florence, S.C., DUI.

•Jessica Marie Dubroc, 39, 24 Cromers Bridge Road, Royston, theft by taking.

•Brittany B. Lewallen, 28, Homer, hold for White County.

•Abigail York, 26, 5226 Pass Court, Sugar Hill, entering an automobile with intent to commit theft, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance and loitering or prowling.

•Hunter Mason Hilton, 19, 201 Frazier Hill Road, Bishop, driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Tyrique Quamane Walker, 25, 176 Maginnis Chandler Road, Commerce, use of communication facility in commission of a felony involving controlled substances. and attempt or conspiracy to violate Georgia Controlled Substance Act.


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