The Banks County Sheriff's Office charged 30 people last week, including the following:

•Gregory Michael Harmuth, 23, 967 Hwy. 51 North, Homer, theft by taking.

•John Matthew Morris, 35, 111 Hawks Court, Nicholson, theft by shoplifting.

•Paul Frank Mullinax, 37, 196 Pless Drive, Alto, loitering and prowling, entering an automobile with intent to commit theft or felony and criminal attempt to commit a felony.

•Sheila Marie Osburn, 41, 3043 Grandview Lane, Commerce, theft by taking.

•John Paul Thomas, 57, 26 Oak Hollow Road, Winterville, disorderly conduct.

•Andy Jared Pensado, 20, 228 Troy Street, Commerce, theft by shoplifting.

•Brandy Michelle Thurmond, 38, 1032 Charity Lane, Watkinsville, possession of methamphetamine.

•Charles Keith Duvall, 49, 331 Jett Roberts Road, Jefferson, theft by shoplifting.

•Roger Eugene Lanford II, 36, 8333 Hwy. 124, Hoschton, probation violation.

•Andrew Paul Rossi, 21, 2880 Commerce Road, Athens, probation violation.

•Meagan Leann Howell, 32, 235 Simmons Road, Toccoa, theft by shoplifting.

•William Travis Pardue, 30, 110 Honeysuckle Lane, Commerce, driving while license suspended or revoked and failure to register as a sex offender.

•William Russell Wheelis, 56, Demorest, loitering.

•Abygail Lynn Chafin, 25, 70 Pleasant Court, Maysville, theft by shoplifting.

•Christopher Michael Chandler, 48, 350 Mitchell Road, Maysville, probation violation.

•Jovante Demitrius Harper, 28, 1776 Neese-Commerce Road, Commerce, failure to appear.

•Jannie Lynn Reece, 59, P.O. Box 161, Jefferson, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUI), following too closely and distracted driving.

•Michael Duane Smith Jr., 43, 150 Leechman Road, Commerce, theft by shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

•Kristina Ann Atchison, 31, Gainesville, criminal trespass.

•Edward Eugene Marsingill, 54, 656 Fort Lamar Road, Commerce, theft by taking.

•Rhonda Jill O'Kelly, 46, 268 Rothell Road, Toccoa, probation violation.

•Antonio Lamar Rapier, 28, 3376 Lenora Church Road, Snellville, open container violation, no seatbelt and driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Michael Troy Wilburn, 48, 656 Fort Lamar Road, Commerce, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, criminal trespass, terroristic threats and acts and probation violation.

•Aidan Christian Lee Archer, 17, 314 Barnett Road, Nicholson, theft by shoplifting.

•James Cary Boykin, 30, 350 Bryant Road, Spartanburg, S.C., speeding and driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Angela Maria Samples, 60, 423 Chandler Road, Danielsville, disorderly conduct.

•Trevor Cole Sebastian, 24, 105 Sandy Lane Court, Jefferson, open container violation and no seatbelt.

•Brenna Alicia Davenport, 36, 214 Cedar Drive, Commerce, theft by shoplifting.

•Sierra Taylor Harris, 24, 3100 Sweetwater Road, Lawrenceville, DUI, failure to maintain lane, speeding and no license.

•Gissele Santillan, 22, 94 Stark Street, Commerce, theft by shoplifting.


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