As I reflect on 9/11 eighteen years ago today, my heart still breaks. My husband walks away from the TV, he can't watch the recount of that grave day, his emotions are in overdrive, for he was a firefighter and his heart remains heavy for his fallen "brothers." Our country so united on that tragic blue sky day, our churches filled with the saved and unsaved, all looking to the Lord for comfort and healing. The brave men and women who gave their all to help the fallen, we prayed for them and their loved ones. Our nation with heavy hearts, we the people bonded with strangers, held each other up, and gave help and aid to those in need. Those old enough will never forget what we were doing on 9/11 or where we were, and the state of panic and shock that ran through us.

My own cousin who was the VIP of customer service for United Airlines that day suffered a nervous breakdown, she lost many people she loved on that aircraft as well as a firefighter she dated. For three days she was in lockdown at JFK airport - all 98 pounds of her being watched and protected by bodyguards. Another cousin was a longtime employee of AT&T based in NYC not far from the Twin Towers. She was missing for over six agonizing hours. My family formed a prayer chain (we are many, and reside in 14 different states) so we cried and prayed for Andrea and our country. She, with many others, walked for miles before they would reach buses to take them out of the city. I called my uncle in New York and his emotions were raw and filled with anger. He was a decorated WWll hero who survived The Battle of the Bulge. He wanted President Bush to act, and send up fighter jets. He said, “If this is not done now it will be far worse than Vietnam - hence 18 years later we're still at war.

For those of you who were too young or not born yet it would behoove you to learn about the worst day America lived through, much like Pearl Harbor. How sinful that our children are taught so little of our history in schools today. Sadly, we are not a nation united today but more of one filled with hate and self-serving attitudes. Some folks know not what they wish for. They don't know what socialism is, however they follow like sheep. The question I'd like to ask them is what part might they have played in WWll or 9/11 or even if they had the guts to do so.

There is a price of everything in this world so just remember for every free thing you may get you'll pay with your freedom. Cuba isn't far away, one may take a trip and check it out, maybe the grass is greener. You may leave the USA at any time if you wish. I doubt you'll make it your new home. Many of you have not lived long enough, or traveled far enough to be grateful to live in America.

I am forever blessed to be born and reared in the USA. I'll love, respect and be grateful to the great lady every day.


Michele Ardolina-Skeggs, Homer

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