One photo showed me with my head propped on my hand. My eyes were closed. It looked like I could barely hold my head up.

In the next photo, I had given up trying to hold my head up. My head was on the table. My arms folded up underneath it. A glass of clear Ginger Ale sitting to the side of my head.

I didn't even know the photos had been taken. They were taken while I was going on an evening dinner cruise along the River Thames in London, England.

I had posted lots of other fun, smiling photos on social media before I decided to post the photos from the evening dinner cruise.

These photos were taken after 20 hours of travel with no sleep, including being on a plane, a train and a boat, and a slight stomach issue that may have left me hanging my head off the side of the boat.

This was our first scheduled event in London and it was a rocky start to the trip. I’m still glad I went on the cruise along the River Thames and I didn’t let the rocky start slow me down.

I didn’t post these photos earlier but thought I should show both sides of travel and how the good times are so much better than the bad times! I also had no idea my “friend” took these pics but I'm glad she did now. Just goes to show that not all travel is those smiling social media selfies. But the good times far outweigh the bad times!

I knew when I was eating that egg earlier in the day it tasted funny. As soon as all of the egg was out and I was finished being sick, I was fine and back to enjoying the trip. I'll share all those fun stories about my adventures in London in another column.

It was a three-hour jazz dinner cruise that we were on when I got sick. Ask me how the food was. My answer will be, “there was food??” Ask me how the Jazz was, my answer will be, “there was jazz??” At least, I can laugh about it now!

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at

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