Dear Editor:

I just finished reading Ron Bridgeman’s opinion column in the Jan. 1 issue of the Banks County News. Thank you! You have clearly stated the case for those of us who see clearly that our president is not the leader we need or want in 2020. His recent order to kill an Iranian popular leader must have been the worst decision of his presidency. It can only lead to escalation of conflict in the Middle East. More lives will be lost, theirs and ours, in the coming days.

I believe the only reason the Republican lawmakers are saying they will vote not to impeach him is they want his supporters to vote for them in the coming elections.

No one can deny that he has defied his oath of office by doing just what Bridgeman said: “He asked for a political favor and help from a foreign country and withheld money for that country that had been approved by congress.” I, too, want a leader who will not lie, bully and insult anyone who doesn’t do or say what he wants. For those who like this type of president, wake up. You can choose your friends who may be like that, but spare our country’s safety. Our presidents take an oath to uphold the constitution. Mr. Trump has not done that.


Mary Ellen Myers



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John Carlucci

And then there’s the EPA rollbacks. Expect more things like the GRP’s burning of creosote RR ties...

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