An Alto woman received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the FBI asking for personal information.

The woman told a deputy with the Banks County Sheriff’s Office that the caller requested her Social Security number and her personal identification information. She said she provided it before realizing it was a scam call.

Other incidents reported to the sheriff’s office includes the following:

•vandalism at R.G. Williams Construction on Hwy. 98, Homer, , when debris from fireworks was found and profanity was written on the sidewalk.

•cell phone stolen from an employee at Quality Inn, Eisenhower Drive.

•theft by taking at a Mountain Creek Drive, Maysville, address, when a woman said her boyfriend’s medication was taken while they were out of town.

•theft by taking at a Highway 51 South, Lula, address when a woman said prescription medication was taken from her residence.

•aggravated stalking at a Gillsville Lake Road, Gillsville, location when a woman said a man she was as temporary protective order against was at her residence.

•bobcat skidsteer damaged at a Banks Road, Commerce, addresss.

•deposit account fraud at an Evans Street, Commerce, business.

•tool bag and tools stolen from a Highway 441, Commerce, location.

•a Duncan Road, Commerce, woman said a neighbor’s dog killed her dog.

•vehicle parked at a Banks Crossing business damaged.

•disorderly conduct at a Historic Homer Highway location when a man was acting suspiciously. He was walking back and forth from his home to a business, had a brick in his hand, didn’t have shoes on and was wearing a badly torn shirt.

•physical fight between two people at Zaxby’s during a custody exchange.

•hit and run accident at I-85, Commerce.

•theft at Duncan Road, Commerce, when a trailer was stolen.

•a man said he was in a wreck on I-85 on July 1. He said when his vehicle was returned to him after being towed, one suitcase and one backpack were missing.

•dispute on English Road when a motorist said another person on the road followed her and attempted to cut her off.

•stolen vehicle recovered a a Gillsville location.

•mailbox damaged at a Carson Segars Road, Gillsville, address.

•dispute at a Wooded Lake Drive, Homer, location.

•damage to property at a Union Hill Road, Homer, address, when a woman said someone shot her deer stand.


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