Dear Editor,

It's so confusing. We are told to shelter in place if we are over 70, have medical issues, are more vulnerable to get Covid-19 virus.

We are told this will be necessary until a vaccine is proven safe and effective, possibly not until next year. At the same time. people are encouraged to get back to normal, go to funerals, parties, bars, campaign rallies in closed arenas. We are urged to spend money, go back to work in buildings with others.

AND we are told, wearing masks is optional, even though health professionals say this helps prevent spread of the virus, protects us all.

Are our leaders saying it is ok to get sick with a very dangerous disease, as long as we get the economy going again? Oh, yes, and be careful, but have a good time and support our local bartender.

I do think we have learned enough to have some social and work life IF we follow CDC recommended guidelines:Physical distancing of 6 feet or more, masks and outdoor visits or work. Even those who have recovered from the virus may be vulnerable.

A woman recently got sick a second time, four months later. But surely, it is not too much to ask for everyone to wear masks when around other people. Please do this.


Mary Ellen Myers


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