Makenna Mabrey of Baldwin, has been selected as a Student Ambassador for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia’s Tifton campus. Students selected for this honor face a much different environment from previous years, but they are on hand to help the college’s prospective and current students navigate both new challenges and traditional campus activities.

Six students were selected to serve as 2020-2021 CAES ambassadors at UGA-Tifton. The program gives ambassadors the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills by representing the college at events, helping with activities such as Orientation 2.0 and speaking to other students and the community on topics related to admissions and student opportunities at CAES.

Mabrey, a senior agricultural education, is returning as an Ambassador for the second year. After graduating, she plans to move back to North Georgia to teach high school agricultural education.

“I chose to be an agricultural education teacher because I believe in the future of agriculture. I believe teaching students today is the best way to ensure that agriculture will continue to evolve and improve in the future,” Mabrey said.

Students who don the signature red blazer that identifies ambassadors have a broad knowledge of the college, their respective campuses and the university as a whole, said Pam Cummins, director of student recruitment for the college. They also benefit from weekly meetings that provide professional development activities that prepare them for careers after graduation.

“CAES ambassadors are involved in student recruitment and assist at college and university-sponsored events. CAES Ambassadors normally have the opportunity to travel, meet and network with college leaders, expand communication and leadership skills, meet potential students and network with alumni,” Cummins said. “This year will be a little different as ambassadors will not have the college and university-sponsored events to attend like they usually do. The professional and leadership development will still take place during their weekly meetings, however all will be adhering to UGA's on-campus social distancing policies.”


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