The Banks County Board of Commissioners heard from citizens for over two hours Tuesday night who are upset about the economic direction the county is going in and has concerns about the development authority.

Kenneth Bennett even proposed that the BOC “do away with the development authority” or appoint another board that will maintain the rural way of live in the county and give it equal weight as the development authority.

Bennett had several other suggestions for the BOC, including that the moratorium on multi-family dwellings be extended for at least one more year; that there be a “thorough overhaul” of the economic plan to bring in more in line with the desires of the county citizens; and that any board member of the development authority who has a financial gain from doing work for the county be removed from serving.

Bennett was also upset that a survey for a proposed county sewer line was done on this property. The commissioners said they had no knowledge that this was done.

Jody Parks also spoke and her concerns included land use in the county, the “lack of transparency” with county business being conducted and a dirt track being operated near her property.

BOC chairman Charles Turk said the site she referred is not zoned for a race track and is a repair shop.

“We don’t know unless someone tells us,” he said about it being operated as a dirt track.

She recommended that there be 5-acre requirements on large-tracts of land and 10-acre requirements on property with streams. She also recommended 10 acres of greenspace being required for every 100 acres of development.

Barbara Lindorme spoke on her concerns about county development.

“You can have a county that is pristine and also prosperous,” she said.

She also spoke on information not being provided to the community.

Commissioner Bo Garrison pointed out that the BOC meetings are available live on social media.

Several other people in the audience, who did not identify themselves, spoke on their concerns about the new economic director and a planned meeting with representatives from Canada, as well as his recent web radio interview. Turk agreed to set up a meeting with the economic director and these citizens to discuss their concerns.


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