Banks County 4-H'ers shown are: (L-R) Emily Hill, Megan Burrell, Raeden Hunter, Emily Mainor, Marisa Aguilar, Georgia Simmons, Jordan Pritchett, Shawn Smith and Caitlin Bernier.

Banks County 4-H members competed at Northeast District Project Achievement March 6-8 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center. 4-H District Project Achievement is a speaking competition where 4-H members must write and perform a 10-12-minute speech on a topic of their choice. Nine 7-12 grade students from Banks County 4-H competed against 40 other counties in Northeast Georgia.

Banks County 4-H Juniors (7-8 graders) were: Marisa Aguilar-Plant and Soil Science (1st place), Caitlin Bernier-Better Breakfast (1st place), Emily Hill-Photography (1st place), Raeden Hunter-Veterinary Science (2nd place) and Emily Mainor-Performing Arts Dance (1st place).

Banks County 4-H Seniors (9-12 graders) were: Megan Burrell-Target Sports (2nd place), Jordan Pritchett-Veterinary Science (1st place), Georgia Simmons-Environmental Science (3rd place) and Shawn Smith-Outdoor Recreation.

Senior 4-H member Jordan Pritchett will compete again this summer at 4-H State Congress to try and win state in his project against all other district 4-H winners.

Shawn Smith was recognized at the 2020 Georgia 4-H Senior Banquet for his outstanding participation in Banks County 4-H since the 4th grade. Shawn was awarded with his 4-H graduation honor cords and a 4-H memory book.

Caitlin Bernier and Emily Mainor completed their term as 2019-2020 Northeast District Junior Board members. Bernier and Mainor planned District Project Achievement and led assemblies throughout the weekend.

In addition to youth winning their projects, Banks County 4-H members Marisa Aguilar and Georgia Simmons were elected to serve on the 2020-2021 Northeast District Board of Directors. Only eight youth each year are chosen for this high honor. Aguilar and Simmons had to go through a rigorous application process, as well as campaign against other 4-H students in Northeast Georgia.

Banks County 4-H was recognized for having the highest percentage of 1st place winners at the competition, with over 60 percent of participants winning first place honors.

Banks County Extension Coordinator and 4-H Agent Lauren Rose states, “4-H District Project Achievement is one of the toughest competitions 4-H has to offer. I am very proud of all nine Banks County 4-Hers and how they competed at District Project Achievement.”


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