Banks County High School 4-H member Jordan Pritchett won the state livestock judging contest.

Pritchett is a rising high school senior with the Bank County 4-H program. This is Jordan’s sixth time winning first place state honors with the Georgia 4-H program.

Winning first place high individual qualifies Jordan as a Master 4-H member, the highest status a Georgia 4-H member can receive.

“The Banks County 4-H program is so proud of Jordan and all his success with the 4-H livestock program,” Lauren Morris Rose, Banks County extension coordinator states.

Jordan will be recognized for his accomplishments at the 2020 Georgia 4-H State Congress in August 2020.

Forth-three youth participated at the 2020 Georgia 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest on June 20. The contest is sponsored by Mrs. Wilma Minix and the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association. Due to the pandemic, the competition was offered virtually this year.

This evaluation competition is a major event for the Georgia 4-H Livestock Program. Youth participating in the Livestock Judging Program acquire a better knowledge of livestock through learning to identify types, grades, breeds and classes of livestock as well as develop skills in animal science and profitable farming. The contest also encourages youth to enhance their skills in decision-making, critical thinking and problem solving.

“While this year’s State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was not held in a traditional manner, we still felt the need to provide this opportunity to Georgia 4-H’ers,” said Sarah Loughridge, University of Georgia Animal and Dairy Science Youth Extension Livestock Coordinator. “Livestock judging not only teaches evaluation skills, but also necessary decision making and soft skills desired by employers.”

The main components of the contest include judging classes of livestock, such as market or breeding-beef cattle, swine, sheep and/or meat goats as well as justifying their decisions through oral reasons and question sets. In the virtual format, senior participants, from ninth through 12th grade, reviewed videos to place the different livestock into specific classes, answer a set of questions on a designated class and submit three videos providing reasoning for their placings. Junior participants, grades forth through eighth grade, will review videos for placement as well as answer question sets for two classes selected throughout the contest.

Each county may enter up to 20 Senior and 20 Junior participants. The youth compete individually for high individual and as a team through the combination of the top county individuals.

“Georgia 4-H empowers youth to become true leaders by developing necessary life skills, positive relationships and community awareness,” Rose said.

As the largest youth leadership organization in the state, 4-H reaches more than 242,000 people annually through the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offices and 4-H facilities.

For more information, visit or contact your local Banks County Extension office at 706-677-6230.


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