Each year, Georgia 4-H conducts a competition called “Leadership in Action” that is designed to recognize the work of Junior (7th-8th grade) and Senior (9th-12th grade) 4-H’ers as leaders in their communities.

For this competition, 4-H’ers are asked to identify an issue or need in their community or an issue related to agriculture or the environment. When the issue has been selected, the 4-H’er will determine ways to make a difference and then enact his/her plan. This competition focuses on leadership engagement by the 4-H’er.

During the 2019-2020 school year, Banks County 4-H’ers Caitlin Bernier and Emily Mainor, competed in the Leadership in Action Competition. Bernier focused her issue on the lack of recycling used by her peers at the Banks County 4-H office. Bernier became partners with the company, Document Destructive Services Inc. and placed recycling bins in each individual room/office, along with inspirational recycling quotes attached to each bin. She informed her peers on the importance of recycling and encouraged them to recycle every chance she could while she was attending activities at the 4-H office.

Mainor focused her issue on food insecurity within our community. Mainor tackled this issue by leading the “Cooking with Care” service clovers project through Banks County 4-H. Cooking with Care is a service project that is conducted by Banks County 4-H once a month where 4-H members will cook a meal and donate it to a family in need within the Banks County community. Mainor encouraged her peers to participate in this project to help bring awareness to this issue and help families in need.

"Both Caitlin Bernier and Emily Mainor successfully completed the Leadership in Action Competition and were recognized of their hard work by Georgia 4-H," Banks County extension coordinator Lauren Rose states. "Banks County 4-H is very proud to have Caitlin and Emily represent Banks County by being true leaders and pledging their hands to larger service."

If you are interested in having your child participate in Banks County 4-H programs, please email Banks County Extension Coordinator Lauren Rose at laurenm2@uga.edu.

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