The Banks County Board of Commissioners is taking action to move forward with sewer expansion in the county.

In the past few months the BOC has applied for $6 million in grant funds for a sewer project at the Martin Bridge Road exit, as well as voting to aggressively move forward with building a sewer system in the county.

In making the motion to move forward with expanding the sewer system, BOC chairman Jimmy Hooper said, “This is a very important action that will have far-reaching impacts on Banks County.

It is imperative that Banks County move forward to build and expand our sewer system.


The original applications were as follows: ($5 million from Georgia Environmental Finance Authority and $1 million from Economic Development Administration) for a total of $6 million). County officials have a meeting set for this Thursday with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division about a few outstanding items to secure the GEFA loan.


There were several motions at the last commissioner's meeting, including one to aggressively seek land.

Public works director Horace Gee states, “This is to secure easements to run sewer up and around the schools and to the Town of Homer.

“We have a preliminary direction for such line. The other vote was for easements for getting sewer to our Duncan Road Wastewater Treatment facility location, approximately 89 acres of land has been purchased some years back. Finally, it gives (Matt and I) the go ahead to come up with estimates for what all this would cost so we could go back to commissioners and ask for approval to submit another project request to EPD and GEFA for funding to build such infrastructure(s). We have given estimates to commissioners that are in the ball park of $20-25 million to accomplish this phase of our expansion.”


Banks County currently has permits to operate two wastewater treatment facilities as follows: Dragway Treatment Facility has a permit of 340,000 gallons per day and the Industrial Park Treatment Facility has a permit of 250,000 gallons per day.


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