Banks County students recently celebrated Ag Week 2022 with several special activities, including working in the school garden.

The week was filled with events all encouraged to increase Ag Literacy in students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Banks County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee members Ann Gordon and Sarah Carlan read How to Grow a Monster to primary school students at an event hosted by Banks County Library’s manager, Mrs. Stacy Krumnow. The Banks County Farm Bureau also donated this book to the public library.

Students painted clay pots and planted zucchini seeds hoping to grow their own monsters.

Students also spent several days in the school garden. The students spent time weeding and preparing the raised beds for planting spinach and broccoli. Students also planted zucchini seeds after reading Farm Bureau’s Book of the month – How to Grow a Monster. These plants were planted indoors and will be transplanted in the school garden.

Students also participated in Ag Literacy day by having Ag books read to them, as well as reading on their own.

Students celebrated the Harvest of the Month which is root vegetables. Jaemor Farms donated turnips, carrots, and beets. Banks County Farm Bureau roasted them, and the students ate them. For some students this was the first time tasting those vegetables.

Daphne Echols Hendrix from Jaemor Farms brought pickled beets and pickled carrots. Those were a big hit with the students as well. The main event of Ag Week was the celebration of Mrs. Daphne Echols Hendrix as Banks County Elementary school’s Ag Hero.

"Banks County Elementary School appreciates all that Daphne and Jaemor Farms do for our Banks County students," leaders state. "Ag Week 2022 was a huge success and the students enjoyed learning about and celebrating Georgia’s Agriculture."


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