A classic car dealership will locate on Yonah Homer Road following a 3-2 vote by the Banks County Board of Commissioners at a Feb. 11 meeting.

The BOC approved the request from Chelsea Patterson for a conditional use permit to locate the business at 1378 Yonah Homer Road, Maysville.

BOC chairman Jimmy Hooper made the motion for approval and commissioners Danny Maxwell and David Duckett voted in favor of the motion. Commissioners Charles Turk and Sammy Reece voted against the motion.

The approval came with the condition that only 10 vehicles at a time be located on the lot; that the vehicles be 30 years or older; and that the hours of the business be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Four people who live or own property near the site spoke in opposition to the request, including Carl Ball, who said there is already a lot of traffic on the road and he doesn’t want to see more. Amy Thomas Suret spoke on her concerns about environmental issues with possible leaking contaminants due to older vehicles being on the property.

Joan Ball said she is concerned that the application lists only “used cars and not classic cars.”

“I’m not against a home business but this is turning into a commercial enterprise,” she said. “This is not an industrial area.”

Keith Phagan, uncle of the applicant, said he is against the business and that it will only “lead to more and more traffic on the road.”

Patterson said that most of the business will be online.


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