The ATM machine was stolen from Country Café at Banks Crossing

Burglars kicked down the door at Country Café and stole the ATM machine.

Deputies went to the restaurant at 9:40 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 26, when the alarm sounded and found that the front door had been broken in, according to an incident report filed with the Banks County Sheriff’s Office. The restaurant is located at 176 Faulkner Road.


•criminal damage when a mother and daughter said they were leaving a gathering of friends at a Browns Bridge Road when an altercation occurred. Someone threw an object at the rear of their vehicle, causing damage.

•hit and run at Garrison Road, Lula, when the driver of a wrecked vehicle left the scene of the accident on foot.

•forgery of a financial transaction card against a Homer resident when a woman reported that her son’s estranged wife opened an account in her son’s name and charged over $8,000. She added that her son has been in jail for nine years and that she is his power of attorney.

•simple battery at a Barnes Circle, Commerce, address when a woman said her brother assaulted her and her friend.

•simple battery during a domestic dispute at a Buckeye Trail Drive, Commerce, address when a man pushed a woman on a bed and choked her.

•battery under the family violence act at a Boling Road, Homer, address when a man and his son got into an argument over the son not helping get things done around the house. The man said his son hit him in the face with his fist, causing him to fall down and land on his left forearm and both knees.

•disorderly conduct at Homer Grocery, Highway 59, Commerce, when a woman was banging on store windows and pushing and cursing at customers. One witness said the woman pulled out the gas pumps and hit his car with a pitchfork. Another witness said that she tried to hit him and charged at him with a pitchfork, also.

•damage to property at LC Trucking, Lord Road, Commerce, when several dogs damaged a car by scratching and biting it.

•domestic dispute at an Otay Drive, Maysville, location when a woman said her brother hit her and knocked her glasses off when she was on the phone trying to call her dad. She said that her brother and his girlfriend had an argument and the girlfriend wanted her to call the dad.

•motor vehicle accident between Wilson Bridge Road and I-85 when a woman struck a deer in the road.

•criminal trespassing at Patel’s Grocery Store on Highway 198, Homer, when it was reported that someone pumping gas drove off while the gas pump hose was still attached to their vehicle, casing the pump to be torn from the gas pump. The person then got out of their vehicle, took the hose out of their vehicle, laid it on the ground and drove away. The victim reported that it was a black truck.

•violation of a family violence order at an Alto residence when a woman reported that the offender came to her house and stole a light bulb from her front porch. She added that she confronted him while he was on the porch.

•shoplifting at Walmart at Banks Crossing when a man picked up a jacket and batteries and walked out the door without paying. He was confronted and gave the jacket and batteries back and ran from the store.

•a man reported that he was driving on I-85 when he struck a large piece of wood in the road and damaged his vehicle.

•criminal trespass and simple battery during a domestic dispute at a Brewer Road, Lula, address.

•forgery when someone tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill at McDonald’s at Banks Crossing.

•shoplifting at Walmart at Banks Crossing when a man changed the tags on two items and paid the cheaper price when checking out.

•simple battery at a Highway 441, Homer, address when a couple traveling down the road were fighting. A witness reported seeing them fight and punch each other. The dispute continued through Banks Crossing with witnesses updating dispatch of the direction of travel. A deputy stopped the car with the witness still nearby.

•theft by shoplifting at Walmart at Banks Crossing when two people concealed an Xbox controller and a gaming headset and attempted to leave the store without paying.

•iPad stolen from a Hickory Flat Road, Gillsville, residence

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman ran from the store when a loss prevention person attempted to stop her. She had several items in her purse that she had not paid for.

•obstructing a 911 call at a Barnes Road, Commerce, address when a woman said a man was arguing with her over social media messages she received from her husband.

•public drunkenness at Best Western at Eishenhower Drive at Banks Crossing when a man entered the private room of the housekeeper and refused to leave. He then went outside to the parking lot in a “drunken stupor.”

•public drunkenness and disorderly conduct when a man was cursing and yelling at employees at Longhorns at Banks Crossing.

•theft on Caudell Road, Homer, when a man said he was hunting on property he leases when he discovered one of his trail cameras missing.

•simple battery on Apartment Street in Homer during a domestic dispute.

•dispute between neighbors at a Chatham Road, Homer, address over trees and debris being dumped on property.

•verbal dispute at a Scales Creek Road, Homer, address

•burglary at an Old Highway 441 North, Alto, address, when electronics were stolen.

•aggravated assault at a Highway 441, Commerce, address.


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