A pressure washer, sprayer and 12-foot dump trailer were stolen from North Georgia Truck Center, located at 123 Outlet Drive, Commerce, according to a recent incident report filed at the Banks County Sheriff’s Office.

The burglar cut the chain link fence to gain entry to the property.


Other incidents reported last week to the sheriff’s office are:

•property line dispute at a Highway 98, Maysville address.

•domestic dispute between a woman and her teenage son at a Lula residence.

•shoplifting at a Harmony Church Road, Baldwin, address when a man put several items in his pocket while in Dollar General and left without paying for them.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a man took off his shoes and put on a new pair and left the store without paying for them.

•burglary and vandalism at a Leachman Road, Commerce, residence.

•shoplifting when someone took a vaccum and socks and left Walmart without paying for the items.

•simple battery during a domestic dispute between two people at a Mexico City Drive, Alto, location.

•shoplifting when a man concealed several things while at Walmart and left the store without paying for them.

•vehicle parked in the middle of the road at Glenn Road, Lula.

•shoplifting at Walmart when two people bagged items into a personal shopping bag and did not scan them or pay for them.

•trespassing at a Leachman Road, Commerce, residence when a man said someone cut the tire on his vehicle.

•shoplifting when a woman got a pen from the craft area and left the store without paying for it.

•vehicle stolen from a Lewallen Road, Commerce, resident.

•harassing phone calls at a Highway 441, Baldwin, address.

•trespass and battery during a domestic dispute at a Culpepper Road, Commerce, address.

•tool box, air rifle, flat screen television and deed to the residence taken from a Highway 51 South, Lula, residence.

•domestic dispute between her woman and her adult grandson at a Hickory Flat Road, Gillsville, residence.

•shoplifting when someone attempted to take a battery, clothing and other items from Walmart and leave without paying.

•stalking when a woman said a man who she has a temporary protective order against has been coming by her house.

•prescription medication taken from a Queen Road, Gillsville, residence.

•suspicious person at a McDonald Circle, Commerce, address when a woman was spotted walking in the road and talking to the horses.

•battery during a domestic dispute between a couple at a Loggins Road, Commerce, address.

•abandoned vehicle at a Free Drive, Homer, address.

•battery during a dispute between two people at a Porters Street, Alto, location.

•a woman said her phone is missing from the room she is staying in at the Commerce Inn. She suspects a person who used to be staying with her took the phone.

•shoplifting when a woman took razors from Walmart without paying for them.

•simple battery during a domestic dispute at a Spring Lake Road, Commerce, address.

•shoplifting involving an employee taking items from Walmart without paying for them.

•shoplifting when two women changed barcodes on items they purchased in the self-scanner line at Walmart.

•property dispute at a Queen Road, Gillsville, address.

•dispute between a customer and employee at Burger King over an order being wrong.

•game console and guitar taken from a Queen Road Gillsville, residence.

•theft at a Leachman Road, Commerce, location.

•three girls and their mothers reported that the girls have been followed the past month by four girls who are threatening them.


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