A Commerce woman reported financial identity theft after she received a phone call from a “person with a foreign accident claiming to be a representative for Amazon.”

The woman told a deputy with the Banks County Sheriff’s office that the male caller told her that a purchase was made from her account for $78. He told her if she didn’t make the purchase, to call the number he provided. The woman did this and spoke with a man for several hours. He told her to download the App, Quick Support, so he could access her Amazon account and check for any other purchases. After she did this, he was able to access her personal information and account information stored in her phone.

The man also asked the woman to download Western Union on her phone so that he could send her reimbursement. After the woman did this, the man removed $904 from her Regions bank account.


Other reports of fraud include the following:

•a Commerce man said that someone went into his work account and took $895 to be paid to Geico Insurance. The victim said two other payments had been sent to the City of Gainesville.

•a Baldwin man said someone several fraudulent charges were made to his Regions bank account.

•a man reported that someone tried to scam him when he received a call from a man who said that someone used his Social Security number to rent a vehicle in Texas. He said the caller told him to go to the closest WalMart and purchase a Google Play Card for $200 and give him the number on the back of the card. The man said he hung up on the caller.


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