Dear Editor:

Does the news make you angry? Do you get mad when you hear, “Democrats love terrorists?” (Not true.) Does your brain steam when someone tweets, “Republicans are all morally bankrupt?” (Not true.) Do you see red when you see Facebook and Instagram drawings of your favorite politician as Satan? (Also, not true.)

How can you tell whether something is true or not? If something makes your blood boil, you need to ask yourself whether it is posted to inform—or posted to inflame, with no truth behind it.

First, ask the simple question, “Does this even make any sense?” Statements describing “all Democrats” or “all Republicans” aren’t true on the very face of them. No single group is “all” alike. There are millions of variations in every group, whether it’s people, animals, vegetables or minerals. So think before you retweet.

Ask whether the “news” can be verified by multiple other sources. Before some post makes the top of your head blow off, take the time to research some other sources, and you might be surprised to find additional facts that change your mind, or even disprove what someone has shouted into your TV or inbox.

Finally, ask why hate-filled dogma is being circulated among us Americans. The answer might well be found in the statement made by a hacker in 2015 who worked for Russia’s so-called Internet Research Agency, when he said, “Our goal wasn’t to turn Americans toward Russia. Our goal was to set Americans against their own government. To provoke unrest, provoke dissatisfaction.” Let’s not be hoodwinked by the Russians! They are trying to destroy us from within!

If we are to remain free, if we are to save our country, which our brave soldiers so valiantly fought to protect, we absolutely must stop, think and use our common sense to keep from letting destructive forces alienate us against our own fellow Americans.


Martha Young, Commerce

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