A dispute over cheerleading was among the incidents reported recently to the Banks County Sheriff's Office.

A woman who coaches a 6-and-under cheerleading team said she was at a church where the banquet was to be held when a woman got into a verbal dispute with her over the way she is coaching. She asked the woman to go outside because children could hear her. She said they went outside and the woman pushed her and called her a “smart ass bitch.”


Other incidents reported recently to the sheriff's office include the following:

•trespassing at a Tucker Drive, Alto, address when a woman said someone entered a storage building on the property that belonged to her deceased mother. She said that she hasn’t determined if anything was taken.

•catalytic converter stolen from a car that was left at a Highway 441, Commerce, business to be repaired.

•medication stolen from a Chambers Street, Homer, location.

•a man said that a dog chased his vehicle on Shady Grove Road, Homer, and bit the tire.

•custody dispute at a Greasy Creek Street, Homer, location.

•a McDonald Circle, Commerce, woman said a dog came onto her property and killed one of her baby goats.

•battery during a custody dispute at a Highway 441, Commerce, business.

•rescue saw, chainsaw and can of gas taken from a fire engine parked at Banks Crossing.

•a Ridgeway Road, Maysville, man said his pistol is missing.

•a Loggins Road, Commerce, woman reported that her car was damaged by an animal. A deputy noted that the vehicle had extensive damage, including teeth marks and claw marks down both sides of the front fenders and the front of the hood. The front passenger side of the front bumper was pulled off and hanging off the vehicle with what appeared to be bite marks and chewing on the edges of the bumper. There were also large puncture marks along the edges of the bumper and fenders. The deputy also observed a large dent in the driver side panel rendering the driver door inoperable. The woman reported that she heard her dogs barking during the night.

•damage to property when a bullet hole was found in a window of the fellowship hall at Beaverdam Baptist Church, located on Highway 59, Commerce.

•a Commerce woman said $100 was stolen from her purse at a Pottery Factory Drive, Commerce, location.

•security camera taken from a Rucker Road, Commerce, residence. The door of the home was also damaged.

•a woman said she was driving on Highway 63, Homer, when a bottle came from the back of a truck on the road and struck her windshield, breaking it.

•a woman who lives on Country Line Road, Alto, said she heard her dog barking. When she went outside, she saw a man pointing a gun at her dog. She said that she yelled for her dog and the man pointed the gun at her and then ran away in the direction of Garland White Road.

•rims and tires stolen from a West Ridgeway Road, Maysville, address.

•a Wynn Lake Road, Alto, woman reported that her vehicle tag is missing.

•a Ridgeland Drive, Maysville, man reported that his vehicle tag is missing.

•a Martin Manor Circle, Homer, man said someone broke the rear window of a vehicle on his property that has been inoperable for four years.

•a Gainesville woman reported that she was staying at a motel at Banks Crossing and her car was stolen.

•suspicious vehicle at a Walnut Drive, Alto, location.

•jewelry, revolver, pistol, money and safe taken from a Grant Mill Road, Alto, residence. The door to the home was pried open.

•skid steer taken from a Hawkins Road, Homer, address.

•battery during a domestic dispute at a motel at Banks Crossing.

•a Homer woman reported the temporary tag is missing from her vehicle.

•theft of water in Baldwin when someone on Ferguson Road piped water from the line and didn’t pay for it.

•theft of a wedding ring set from a Jackson Street, Maysville, residence.

•vehicles damaged at a McDaniel Street, Alto, location. The windows were broken and the tires were flat.

•street sign stolen from San Andres Lane in Homer.

•identity fraud against a Lakeview Drive, Baldwin, resident who had an account opened using his information.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman used the self-checkout lane and did not scan several items.

•damage to a vehicle at a Loggins Road, Commerce, address when someone cut the wiring harness and the wires for the brakes.

•harassing communications at a Highway 198, Homer, location when a woman was contacted by a man who is in jail whom` she does not want to contact her.

•a woman said that a man who she has a temporary protective order against sent her a “sad-face emoji” over social media.

•a man said someone he knows stole his cell phone.

•identity theft against a Commerce man.

•a man was driving on Riverbend Road, Commerce, when he hit a deer.

•battery during a domestic dispute at a Banks Crossing motel.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman used the self-checkout lane and didn’t scan all of the items.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a woman put several items in her pocketbook and attempted to leave the story without paying for them.

•door frame damaged at a Grant Mill Drive, Alto, residence.

•damage to property at a Highway 198, Homer, business when someone removed the gas nozzles and threw them to the ground.

•abandoned vehicle in the road at a McDonald Circle, Commerce, location.

•prescription medication taken from a Leachman Road, Commerce, address.


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