A dream came true for a Banks County High School senior last year when she found out she will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall.

While most students find out by a letter in the mail or an email, Cameron Scarlett Barnett was one of only a few students across the state who received an in-person acceptance letter. Two representatives from Georgia Institute of Technology’s admissions department staff members hand-delivered an acceptance letter to Barnett.

“We are part of the team who read your application,” Katie Mattli, senior assistant director said. “We fell in love with you from the beginning. We are here to congratulate you because we would love to have you as part of the Georgia Tech family and this is your acceptance letter. You are an inspiration. We know how hard you work both here at high school and outside at the high school. You are juggling so much.”

Mattli shared words that faculty members at BCHS used to describe Scarlett, including “inventive, intelligent, motivated, intelligent, service-oriented and caring.

Barnett said Georgia Tech has been where she has always wanted to attend college.

“I think that honestly Georgia Tech is where I was meant to be from the beginning,” she said. “Even as a young child, I would tell my parents that’s where I wanted to go. I even collected things with the mascot on it because I was so determined that I would attend one day. You may or may not believe in fate, but I was destined to go there. It was a dream come true when I was hand-delivered my acceptance letter.”

Barnett said that her advice on getting into the school of your dreams, whether it’s Georgia Tech or another school, is to “stay determined and focused on what matters to you most.”

She plans to major in business with a concentration in information systems and technology.

Barnett has also been chosen as a semi-finalist for the Dean Scheller Business School scholarship and will be visiting Georgia Tech on Feb. 21 to interview for it.

Barnett is also one of 20 percent of Georgia Tech freshman selected to participate in the summer leadership program. This program provides not only leadership but also community service programs for students.

“I am grateful for everyone whose got me to where I am today because I could have never done it alone,” she said. “I have wonderful teachers, councilors and principals throughout my years at Banks County. I have my grandfather who retired from the Air Force told me to never to give up. I have my mother’s love and support. I have my very special nana, papa and granny.”


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