Banks County EMA and E911 director Deidra Moore has released a new process for questioning callers who make emergency calls during this time due to concerns with the coronavirus.

"Banks County Public Safety departments and partners (EMA/E911, Fire/EMS, Sheriff's Office, Health Department, GEMA, Commissioner's Office, Schools, Recreation, Senior Center, etc.) remain in regular communication and in in-depth planning for all that is related to any potential public health issue or other hazard," Moore states. "A part of this process includes recognizing that during times such as these, the 911 questioning process that callers will experience may be somewhat more in depth with questions about travel. Please understand that you may be asked questions that seem strange to you but these are questions that will be asked to ensure that we can pass along proper information to response agencies for better service to you and for better safety for responders.:

Some questions that you may be asked are things such as:

•Are you running a fever?

•Have you had any breathing problems or cough?

•Have you been exposed to anyone under suspicion of having the Coronavirus?

•Have you traveled outside the USA and, if so, where and by what mode and how long ago?

"These questions are questions recommended when we are taking 911 calls for service during this pandemic and this is information that we are asked to pass along to our responders," Moore said. "Again, this is the first step in a thorough assessment to help response agencies be better prepared to serve you and protect themselves as well.

Thank you for helping us at 911 to help you and help Banks County be safer for all."

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