The Humane Society of Jackson County has received a $10,000 state grant to assist with its low-income spay/neuter program.

Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black recently announced $711,000 in grants to assist with spaying and neuter Georgia’s companion animals.  Out of 130 applicants, 97 state licensed animal shelters and animal rescue groups were awarded grants, including the HSJC.  

"Often local communities have citizens that are burdened by the high costs of having their pets spayed or neutered," Commissioner Black said. "This grant will target and aid these communities across Georgia by keeping strays off the street and controlling the animal population in a humane manner."

This is the fifth set of grants that have been issued through the dog and cat sterilization program, which is funded by the purchase of the dog and cat sterilization auto tag, income tax check-off and from direct contributions to the program. Since the inception of the program, the dog and cat sterilization program has been utilized for over 100,000 companion animals.

HSJC started its spay/neuter program in 2009 with a portion of proceeds received from a grant to the organization, the program has steadily grown each year along with the population growth in Jackson County.   

HSJC accepts applications from individuals living in Jackson County and limited areas in bordering Banks County (Maysville and Commerce, primarily).  The program targets lower income individuals and families who need assistance with having their family pet spayed or neutered.  

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