As we usher in the third season of this very unusual year, I pray that we can come together and enjoy the falling leaves and cooler temperatures. While traveling this past weekend, it is evident that people are beginning to get out and enjoy themselves. My prayer is that we can get outside, away from the television, and focus on the goodness of God.

This weekend I sat in a lawn chair and just looked up. The beauty of the night sky with the clouds hovering around the moon reminded me of Almighty God. Actually, I couldn’t help but lift my hands and praise Him. In the day time I’ve looked at that September sky a thousand times, and I’m in awe of God’s handiwork. It’s magnificent! I know he had us in mind as he created the beauty around us. We don’t’ have to leave Banks or Jackson County to see the wonders of the world. Riding down Thompson Street while watching the sun come up is indescribable. While riding up Hwy. 98 from Homer to Maysville, we are sure to see God’s masterpiece as we watch the gold, orange, red, and purple leaves emerge.

If my brother were writing this, he would say the greatest thing about this season is football. Now in my younger days I would somewhat agree. You’d find me at the football game every Friday night. On the first and second game night it was so warm. I often thought, it will be freezing temperatures before the season ends, and I waited with anticipation, and God never disappointed me.

It’s also a special time to get together around a fire pit. Honestly, we didn’t have fire pits; we just cleared out a spot; dragged up some limbs and pine straw and we had a fire in the making. My mind goes back many, many years, to a time of coat hangers and marshmallows. We’d never heard of s’mores, but the tradition caught on quickly at our house, and I’m happy to introduce them to the young and young at heart.

Another memory is the fall festivals I’ve attended with my family and friends. I would have never imagined how much my nieces love boiled peanuts, but I found out quickly, when we attended the Maysville Festival one year. I also remember that my son Zach would participate in the cake walk until he won, no matter how long it took. I remember one particular year when he won. He was all smiles when he came up to me holding a gigantic fruit basket.

Fall was also a time when the Golden Girls would travel to Pigeon Forge and once we met up in Savannah. I long to hear my mom’s sisters, Eva Mae and Nell, fuss at my cousin, Elaine, and me, because they couldn’t hear what we were saying as we traveled up the mountain to enjoy some family time. We would eat high on the hog, and we’d point fingers because someone was snoring and keeping some of us awake.

My prayer is that we will be able to forget about all this is going on in the world, and focus on our little world, those people we love the most.

Sherry Lewis is pastor of New Beginnings Worship Center.

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