Keith Gardiner has announced his decision to seek election for the position of Banks County Commissioner Post 4.

Gardiner and his wife, Louann, have been married for 43 years. He and Louann have two daughters, Heather and Holly. Heather is married to Chad Cotton, and Holly is married to Blake McDaniel. They have been blessed with four grandchildren, ranging in ages of 18 months to 18 years: Caden Cotton, Carson Cotton, Marley McDaniel and Mazie McDaniel. All of their children and grandchildren have attended or currently attend Banks County School System.

Gardiner is a lifelong citizen of Banks County where he has served in many areas. From 1989-1995, he served two terms as a Banks County Commissioner. During that time, Gardiner, along with the other commissioners, saw a need for the senior population in Banks County and a Senior Citizen Center was built. Other areas of growth included the expansion of the water department, all volunteer fire departments in the county, recreation department development including tennis courts and ball fields, and completion of the water shed. For over 20 years, Gardiner was also a member of Mt. Carmel Volunteer Fire Department, many of which he led as chief.

“My family and I have had the privilege of living and thriving in Banks County," Gardiner said. "I understand that the position of Commissioner is a position where I will serve the people of Banks County. I do not take this role lightly. Your vote and support would be greatly appreciated. In the upcoming days and weeks, I look forward to speaking with many citizens of the county.”


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