Mom and I sat in the Tanger Outlet Center parking lot on a recent Saturday eating a lobster roll. We went over to Banks Crossing because I read that a food truck offering lobster rolls would be at the outlet center for the Labor Day holiday. I also saw the first 50 Tanger VIP members would get a free gift, so we made sure to get there in time to be one of the first in line at the Tanger tent.

I’m blessed that my parents have always been ready to go along with my plans, whether it’s a lobster roll and free gift on a Saturday morning or searching for something I collect or heading off on an out-of-town adventure.

I remember when those small collectible bears were so popular. Mom and I would often go to stores as soon as they opened to stand in line and get the ones I wanted.

Mom and Dad have also been great over the years to go along on whatever adventures I planned. When we were all a lot younger, we used to go to Nashville every summer for the Country Music Association’s Fan Fair.

I remember planning out which concerts we would go to each day at Fan Fair and even which fan club parties we would go to while in town. One year, we were in line to meet Toby Keith at his fan club party and some ladies asked my Dad if he was a big fan of Toby Keith, he just laughed and said he was just our driver.

Another year, I had planned a trip with a friend who had to cancel just a few days before we were supposed to leave town. Mom and Dad quickly agreed to go with me and off we headed to South Carolina. We heard that heavy rains were coming but it was more than heavy rains it was major flash floods. It was worse on the drive home where sheets of rain fell as Dad drove home. No complaints from my parents about the trip but we were all very tense on that drive home.

I treasure these memories and we are still making memories. With all of the sadness and hard times going on in the world today, it’s great to remember special times with your family. It’s also important to keep making those memories. Make sure to take time for the little things like a lobster roll on a Saturday morning.

Angela Gary is editor of The Banks County News. She can be reached at

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