We scrambled in and out of traffic on the busy intersection grabbing items from the road. I quickly grabbed a notebook with “Blessed” written across the front. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my friend grab a men’s pajama set. We grabbed a few tops before we ran back to safety on the side of the road as cars whizzed by us.

On a Christmas shopping trip, a bag of items I purchased ended up scattered across a busy road in South Carolina. My friend didn’t close the back of her SUV and the bag fell into the road as we left the first store we stopped at.

A helpful truck driver beside of us was motioning at us and saying something. I smiled and waved. We had realized the back was open and my friend had already closed it. But as we drove on, I said I think he said, “you dropped a bag.” I don’t know why I had a delayed reaction but it took a few minutes for it to sink in what he was saying.

Most folks would probably forget about the bag and keep going but I insisted we go back and retrieve my lost items. So, there we were zigging and zagging through traffic picking up items that had already been run over by many cars. I had tire tracks across my purchases but I got everything back.

My friend and I laugh and say that we are like Lucy and Ethel because we always end up in crazy situations when we go somewhere together. One of the funniest times has to be when we ended up in my car as it was towed in during a snowstorm. I really didn’t think it was even legal to leave the people in the car as you towed it.

That adventure was one we swore at the time we would never speak of again because we really shouldn’t have headed out in a snow storm. She said she wasn’t telling anyone, not even her husband that we had to be towed to the hotel, and I agreed that I wasn’t telling anyone either. Of course, she called her husband that night and told him and I was telling everyone about it as well.

It wasn’t snowing that much when we left for North Carolina but it was a blizzard (at least to two Georgia girls who don’t see a lot of snow) by the time we got near our destination. The road finally got so bad that we slid up against the guardrail. That’s when we called for the tow truck. We were gathering our stuff to get out of the car, when we realized the tow truck driver was loading the car up with us in it and heading out. That was one crazy ride to our final destination!

While some of our adventures might not be funny at the time, they all provide plenty of laughs as I look back on them and that’s what makes a great friend! Every Lucy needs an Ethel!

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at angela@mainstreetnews.com.

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