When you’re going on a trip, the day you travel to your destination is always very tiring. I had been up very early, traveling to the Atlanta airport and finding my way to the correct gate in the international terminal. 

It was not even 5  a.m. yet and only one restaurant was open for breakfast, so you can imagine how long the line was. 

I put a $20 bill in my pocket and left my purse and book bag with my friend.

After waiting in the long line for 45 minutes, I finally made my way to the counter and ordered my drink and breakfast sandwich and held up my cash, only to be told “no cash, cards only.” 

My purse was a good distance away and the line had only gotten longer. I can only imagine the look on my face. The cashier said, “Just ask someone to pay for you and give them your money.” I quickly said, “I can’t do that.”

A young couple was behind me. I hadn’t spoken to them but had noticed the cute “husband and wife” T-shirts they had on and figured they were probably newly-married and headed off on their honeymoon. 

No one had been talking much in the line. It was so early and we were all waiting silently in the long line.

The man quickly held up his phone with an app open that he was going to pay with and said, “put her bill on here.” My bill was $10.37, and I held out my $20 bill and told him to take all of it. He wouldn’t take any payment at all! He kept saying, “No, I couldn’t take your money.” 

Of course, my eyes started to tear up at his kindness to a stranger. I kept thanking him and trying to get him to take the money. He kept refusing. I told him I would pass along a random act of kindness to another stranger as I traveled. 

So often we tend to focus on the evil and cruel people around us but there are still many kind people in the world and you can find blessings all around you. I know that I do.

I found another blessing as we checked into the resort in the Dominican Republic. We were making arrangements for our pick-up for the return trip to the airport with Antoine who began talking about his recent illness.  The young man told me how sick he had been with COVID-19 and how he had lost his memory for one week, not even recognizing his wife. I was blessed hearing how he has recovered. 

I have had some lingering side effects from my illness earlier this year and was blessed and encouraged to hear his story of recovery.

These are just a few blessings I found along the way as I traveled last week. 

Blessings can be found along the way throughout our life. We just need to slow down enough to enjoy them and learn from them. This past year has certainly been a time of slowing down. Make sure to enjoy the blessings along the way. 


Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc.

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