Saturday mornings were always our favorite part of the week while growing up. Saturdays brought many things to our agenda for the day. Cartoons came on Saturday mornings only. That meant you got up at 7 a.m. to begin with Scooby Doo and end at 10 a.m. with Looney Tunes. We would be glued to the TV for three solid hours. We would do our chores during commercial breaks so we could earn our weekly $2 allowance.

After getting ready, mom, my sister and I would load up and head for downtown Commerce. That was a real treat!

I remember going to Harper’s 5&10 in downtown Commerce every Saturday to see if they had the latest Nancy Drew mystery book. I couldn’t wait to see what case Nancy and her friends were facing this time. I knew Nancy, Bess and George would solve the case but I couldn’t wait to find out all the twists and turns they would encounter before they did.

I also liked to buy stickers at Harper's and the Fred Flinstone ones were my favorite. My sister spent her pocket full of dimes dominating Sandy the mechanical horse outside Harper's. She would then come in to buy some candy with what was left of her money.

We would go next door to Commerce Drug to get lunch at the soda fountain. Tim Harper was usually working and Mom, my sister and I all ordered hamburgers and Cokes. Those were the best hamburgers and Cokes. We loved sitting on the stools that turned in circles as we watched the workers behind the counter preparing our delicious lunch. If we were lucky, we would get a scoop of ice cream to enjoy as we crossed the street to our next destination.

There was a Belk department store in downtown Commerce. We would go there, or to Jay’s, to get a dress for Easter or for a special church service. That is if Mama hadn’t made us a dress. She used to sew a lot of our clothes. We often headed out to church in matching dresses that she made for us.

Just above downtown was Waco’s. We loved going shopping there. I remember using my allowance once to buy a bag of old stamps. I decided I was going to collect stamps. That didn’t last long. Waco’s was like our modern day Walmart. You could spend hours in there browsing the aisles. We always enjoyed seeing Mrs. Carter when we visited Waco’s.

There was also a record shop in that same area near Mom’s beauty shop. I would go in while she was getting her hair done and buy a record. I still have a few of those records somewhere.

Daddy would take us to Shirley’s Feed & Seed at Easter time to get a bunny. I remember petting the white bunny in the car as we headed home.

Sears is another favorite. We didn’t go that often. Usually to pick up something mom had ordered from the Sears’ catalog. Once a year, we would wait in that long line at Sears to see Santa and tell him our Christmas wishes. We would rehearse what we were going to say until it was our time to sit on his lap. We always looked forward to getting the Sears catalog each year to pick out what we wanted for Christmas.

Those memories were mostly in the 1970s; maybe some in the early 1980s. A trip to town with Mama and my sister on Saturdays was the highlight of the week. Times were much simpler then but they were also happy times.

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