A long line of graduates walked across Leopard field Friday night and received their high school diploma. The stands were filled with parents and friends so very proud of these young men and women who are about to take the first step into adulthood.

These teenagers will be going off to college, entering the work world, joining the military and looking at the many options open to them. It’s an exciting time. It’s a scary time.

My sister and I were at the graduation to see a very special young man graduate. We have been at all of the special senior moments for Bowen Roberts. We have been close friends with Bowen’s mother, Robin, since elementary school and have been a part of Bowen’s life since the day he was born. He has been, and will always be, special to us.

We were at Bowen’s graduation party at his church, Temple Baptist Church, were family and friends covered him with love and prayers as he makes decisions about the next steps to take in life.

We were at Banks County High School in the cafeteria when Bowen made the commitment to attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) where he will play baseball. Agriculture and sports have deep roots in his family and I know he will thrive there.

At this college signing reception, several of Bowen’s coaches spoke about his high school athletic and academic career. One coach said, with sincerity (and a laugh) that Bowen is the only student that he would send his own children home with.

Another coach said he is new to the team and hasn’t known Bowen long but he has known him long enough to know he’s the kind of guy he wishes he had been friends with in high school.

Bowen’s family posed with him for photos that day, and then his coaches and then a large group of his teammates from the baseball team. It’s clear Bowen is a special young man with a lot of supporters behind him as he moves on to college.

As the cheers for each student came Friday night at the graduation ceremony, I reflected on how lucky these young people are to have the Banks County community behind them. Bowen wasn’t the only one who had a large group rushing to the field to offer congratulations after the ceremony. They are all fortunate to have such love and support.

As for Bowen, we love you and will be cheering you on at ABAC in the classroom and on the field!

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