I showed up for the meeting with my hair in a tight bun on the top of my head. It might have been a few days since I had washed my hair. I didn’t have on any makeup and I had on a T-shirt with pancake syrup dribbled on the top of it.

I’ve been to hundreds, more like thousands, of meetings and I’ve never showed up to a meeting looking anything like that. However, that is what happens when you start attending meetings virtually.

These virtual meetings are the new things now that we are all sheltering-in due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. School is being handled virtually, meetings are virtual, goodness, even doctor’s appointments are virtual. I was so surprised when my mother had a virtual doctor’s appointment last week. I guess you can do everything virtually now.

Anyway, back to my appearance at the virtual meeting. When I first started going to virtual meetings, I would get dressed just as I would for a “real” in-person meeting. I would put on make-up, fix my hair and get dressed. Then, I started to slide a little. I might put my hair in a cute messy bun and just get dressed from the waist up. You know, a cute top and pajama bottoms. I mean you could only see me from the waist up in the virtual meeting. What did it matter if I had on pajama bottoms? And a messy bun is a cute alternate for a hair-do.

Then, I started noticing how small your photo is at the virtual meeting. I mean everyone’s photo is just a tiny square on the computer screen. And who is looking at those square photos anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be listening and looking at the person presenting?

So, I showed up at that meeting I mentioned above in that unattractive tight bun, no make up and dirty T-shirt. At least 50 people attended the meeting. I didn’t think anyone would notice my photo in the line-up.

As soon as the meeting ended, two friends sent a text asking why I wasn’t at the virtual meeting. I guess they didn’t recognize me in the lineup of photos on the page. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Virtual meetings are certainly convenient and necessary in times like this. It is great that technology has advanced so much that we can attend meetings from our homes. I have also learned that if I want everyone to know I’m present I have to make a little more effort on my appearance.

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