It was a busy weekend.

I spent a few hours at a conference in Athens where students spoke about their high school experience and what made it successful and what was a problem.

It was very enlightening to see how these four students, who were high school dropouts, returned to school and got their high school diploma.

All are currently taking college classes or will be enrolling soon. A nurse, a business owner, a radiologist and a teacher. These are the plans these recent high school graduates have. Plans that would not have been possible had they not received their high school diploma.

An evening shopping gala at a warehouse in Jefferson where we walked the red carpet, took to the runway for a model walk, enjoyed a meal of good Southern cooking and then shopped in the huge warehouse.

It was a celebration of women where people from all walks of life and all ages received the VIP treatment. Always a treat since women are juggling families, careers and many other things in their busy lives.

Heading out the Saturday morning for lunch and a little pampering with a friend. Last year, my friend and I realized that after we got together for our birthdays in June we didn’t actually see each other until Christmas. Sure, we keep up with texts and emails but we had been too busy to actually meet for lunch or even coffee.

After our June birthday get-together, we made a point to go ahead and pick a date in July to get together. We have continued to do that each time we get together. We pick a date in one month and do something. It might just be lunch or a movie but we make time for our friendship.

My friend of many decades is busy with her job, her husband, children and grandchildren and her ministry, but we still manage to get together once a month.

My weekend also included meeting my nephew and his friends to take some photos before they went to the homecoming dance. I have been taking photos of this group of kids since they were in elementary school. I might have had a small tear in my eyes as I took pics of their last homecoming dance.

My nephew always says he doesn’t want photos but I notice he asks me to text or email him a few photos. I will be there for those other “lasts” this year. Last prom, last day of high school and then graduation.

Then, Sunday morning I headed to our small church where we gave thanks for the blessings of the past week and prayed for the week ahead.

Busy weekends are a good thing. I pray you all take the time to enjoy every minute of every day; no matter how busy you are.

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at angela@mainstreetnews.coM.

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