My nephew Grayson and I have some interesting early morning chats as I drop him off at school each morning.

I find out the most interesting things, for example, why he has been sleeping in his older brother’s room.

No one else has thought to ask him. I guess they just thought he’s about to be 13 and you know how teenagers are. They are always doing strange things.

Jake is living in a dorm at college now so his room has been empty a few weeks ago. Grayson just started sleeping in there. Grayson hasn’t mentioned missing Jake but he did rely on his big brother a lot.

So, one morning, I decided to ask why he decided to sleep in there. He said, “well Jake is gone now and when I sleep in there I can think about him.”

How sweet is that. Boys don’t always show how much they care about each other but Grayson really does miss Jake.

Another early morning chat was what we love about the fall. Grayson loves the arrival of the cooler weather. When we got in the car Monday morning, he was so excited about the cooler weather.

He also shared that he loves the fall decorations, including the pumpkins and scarecrow.

I told Grayson I always love fall because it means October is just around the corner. That’s always been a fun month for me because I love costumes. Jake and Grayson have both outgrown matching Halloween costumes with me. I’ll probably still come up with an excuse to wear a costume.

I also ask lots of questions about what is going on in seventh grade. I tell Grayson what it was like when I was in seventh grade and he is always surprised about how different it was “back then.”

He was telling me about some test he had last week and I told him we didn’t have that test. He told me that Jake had the test. I had to point out that it was quite a few years different between when I was in seventh grade and when Jake was in seventh grade.

Grayson is great at math but he sometimes forgets just how old I am. I think he sometimes forgets and thinks we’re the same age. I do have that kid-like quality (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

If you take your kids or, like me young nephews or nieces, to school in the morning, take time to ask them a few questions. You will learn all sorts of fun things and have some lively morning conversation!

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers. She can be reached at

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