He leaned down and gathered up a huge pile of snow and rolled it into the perfect circle.

He had a huge smile on his face as he jumped up, took aim and tossed it across the yard.

We both laughed as it hit me in the center of my face.

There really is something magical about snow; especially in the south.

We usually don’t always get enough snow for a snowball fight each year. It’s been several years since we’ve had enough snow to build a really good snow man.

The forecast this Saturday called for snow but I was skeptical. The forecast is often wrong. I looked outside around 9 a.m. and didn’t see any snow so I thought they were wrong again.

It wasn’t long after that that the snow began falling and it was beautiful. When you see snow, you have to go outside.

We made snowballs and threw them, made a snowman and my nephew went down the hill on a sled.

A snow weekend is like a holiday. You cook a lot and eat a lot and nap a lot. What more do you need for a perfect weekend! You don’t have to go anywhere.

One of my favorite “snow memories” is the time I spent a weekend in Blowing Rock, N.C., and it snowed the entire time.

We walked around the town all weekend and didn’t have to move our car at all. The quaint town was beautiful covered in snow.

While this is a favorite memory now, it started off scary. When my friends and I headed out to Blowing Rock, we knew snow was expected but thought we would arrive before it began snowing.

We were wrong about that. It started snowing about mid-way there and got bad really fast. We ended up sliding off the road on the mountain-side and having to call a tow truck.

Some of my other favorite snow memories:

•the time I was in Washington, D.C., at a newspaper conference and it started to snow. Reporters and editors from all across the United States went outside to see the snow. Some were amazed at the white stuff falling from the sky as they came from parts of the country where it never snows.

•the time I was visiting Ann Arbor, Mich., and went “dashing through the snow in a horse-drawn carraige.” It was the most snow I had seen. It was also the coldest I had ever been but the winter wonderland was still magical to me!

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at angela@mainstreetnews.com.

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