The City of Gillsville continues to grow. During a meeting held August 4, an additional 40 acres was accepted into the city.

The council approved a request from Cynthia Reece to annex 38.20 acres located at 5483 Bryant Quarter Road.

The council also voted to accept a request from Dustin Lee Turpin and Lauren Guest Turpin to annex 2.51 acres located at 5462 Bryant Quarter Road. Both parcels are in Hall County.


In other business, the council:

•heard from Mayor Roy Turpin that the Pottery Festival is still slated to be held later this year.

•agreed to solicit bids to repair the roof on the downtown rental property.

•discussed plans to install restrooms and a storage building at the city park and install a fence and a gate at the park entrance.

•continued to discuss plans to install restrooms adjacent to the city hall building.

•heard concerns from John Poole regarding the possibility of construction of a building to serve as a pharmacy adjacent to his property. Poole said he is concerned the value of his property will be lowered if a commercial development is allowed adjacent to his residential property. It was reported the property owner has been before the council recently to discuss plans for a pharmacy, but no official action has been taken by the council nor has the city received a request for permits for this project.

•approved a resolution to apply for funds from the federal CARES Act. Proceeds from the grant can be used to implement socially distancing measures related to COVID-19.

•agreed to solicit bids for cleaning the city park building. The council also agreed to update rules for use of the park and building to ensure users of the facilities will be responsible for damage to the building in addition to any missing items.


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