A Gillsville business owner said that someone hacked into her computer and advised her customers that she had changed her bank.

One of the customers followed the instructions on the email and deposited $50,000 in the fraudulent account, according to the incident report filed with the Banks County Sheriff’s Office. The woman said she notified all of her other customers that her bank has not been changed.

The woman also reported that her computer department investigated the matter and found the routing number for the fraudulent bank account went to an unknown person in Nigeria.

Other incidents reported recently to the Banks County Sheriff’s Office include the following:

•a man reported being the victim of financial transaction card fraud when he was charged more than he should have been at a Banks Crossing motel.

•shoplifting when a man exchanged his shoes for a new pair of shoes at Walmart and left the store without paying.

•a Commerce man reported that he asked a woman who lived with him to move out and she took several items belonging to him when she left.

•fraud when a man said a woman he knows changed his bank information on his cash app.

•verbal dispute at a Mulberry Street, Homer, location.

•shoplifting when a couple used the self-check out lane and didn’t scan every item at Walmart.

•domestic dispute between a couple at an Indian Village Drive, Maysville, location.

•theft of services at a Banks County hotel when a customer did not pay for a night’s stay. The employee reported that their credit card was declined for the night that they had already stayed and they did not have another form of payment.

•domestic dispute between two men at a Highway 51 South, Homer, location.

•wallet taken from a truck at a Moss Farm Road, Alto, location.

•someone struck a vehicle while it was parked at a Banks Crossing motel and left the scene without reporting it.

•shoplifting when a couple hit several items in their clothing while in Walmart and left the store without paying.

•shoplifting when a woman put several items in her purse at Walmart and attempted to leave the store without paying.

•a man said a laptop was stolen from his vehicle while it was parked at a Banks Crossing business.

•a man said someone broke into his vehicle while it was parked at a Banks Crossing business but nothing was taken.

•a man said someone broke the window of his vehicle and entered it while it was parked at a Banks Crossing business. He didn’t notice anything missing.


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