Dear Editor: “I ain’t lettin’ Government tell me what to do!” Someone posted on Facebook that he wasn’t going to abide by any government coronavirus regulations recommending social distancing and hand washing because he is an independent American! Shouts of liberty erupted in praise of his stance.

If you refuse to do as your government asks, will you please do as I ask? I’m your fellow American, and I have no authority over you or anyone else, but may I politely ask that you respect my right to live through this Covid virus?

You may not know me or care about me, but how will you feel when you watch your granny dying alone in an isolated hospital room, gasping and choking and finally drowning? Miserable way to go, huh? How about your sons and daughters? Children have died from this virus. How about your wife, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your church members, your hunting buddies? What will you say to them if it was you who unknowingly infected them with the virus?

Perhaps no one you know and care about will ask you to take care to avoid spreading the virus—until Covid comes calling to your house. I just talked to a neighbor who thought their family of two adults and one young child had had a mild bout of the virus, having had all the typical symptoms. They live only two houses away from me, and I’m over 65! And this is in a time when Banks is still aware of only three cases in our county.

If every single one of us in this nation stayed in our homes for a single 21-day period, we could strangle this killer virus within a mere three weeks.

So don’t take responsible care because your government asks you. Take care because I ask you--and your family and friends will ask you—to help stop the spread of this vicious virus throughout our entire country.


Martha Young


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