The Banks County Board of Commissioners and the Banks County Historical Society held a reception Friday afternoon to showcase the restoration of the Historic Courthouse. Music by Phil Brooks played in the background as guests wandered on the grounds and through the ground level and upstairs courtroom to check out the renovations.

The restoration project included the following:

•Roof leaks were corrected. Gutters and downspouts were crushed and detached from the building and were reshaped and reattached. The downspouts were elongated to pull draining water away from the building.

•An attic fan was added because there was no venting in the attic. The original roof was shingles which allowed some venting through it. The replaced and current roof is metal which does not allow for venting. Installing a fan helps to keep the attic cooled.

•There was a water issue on the front east side of the building causing water to seep into the walls. A surface water drain was installed to pull the water away from the building.

•Hand-made bricks like the ones on the courthouse are porous. Dehumidifiers were installed in all downstairs rooms and in the vault to help pull the humidity out. There is also one which was placed upstairs.

•The treading on the outside stairs were repaired and the railing was reinforced. The support post on the east side was rotting; it was replaced.

•Shutters were taken down, repaired and rotten slats were replaced. The shutters were green on the west side of the building and black on the east side; some were installed upside down. They are all now uniform and painted the same color.

•Windows were reglazed, scraped and recaulked. Broken panes were replaced.

•All woodwork outside was repaired. Rotting facia boards along the back were replaced and everything was painted.

•Inside walls were repaired of all cracks, peeling paint was scraped and the entire inside was painted.

•Air conditioning units were repaired and put in working order.

•Electrical issues were addressed and corrected.


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