The Homer Town Council held a called meeting Monday, March 23, to approve an emergency ordinance to outline how city operations will be conducted during the shutdown due to public health concerns with the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The ordinance provides for the mayor to issue policies, orders and regulations necessary to respond to this public health emergency, outlines how town council meetings are to

be handled during the state of emergency and how other town business will be conducted.

The ordinance provides for the following:

•town council meetings may be conducted by electronic means, including audio or video conference.

•the mayor may suspend licenses or permits for events issued earlier by the town that may impact public health or well-being of the community.

•the mayor may authorize the purchase, for which funds are available, of items related to the emergency. Such purchases may be made without following the purchasing requirements of the town’s municipal code.

•the mayor is authorized to adjust any personnel policies related to leave time and other conditions of employment related to providing sufficient staffing related to an emergency.

•a zoning moratorium is imposed as to all proposed zoning applications of any type for the term of this emergency.

•the mayor is authorized to close town facilities to the general public to protect the health of the public and the town employees.

•municipal court is suspended during the term of the emergency.

•the mayor is authorized to extend the deadlines for payment related to any amounts owned to the town during the term of the emergency.

•in the absence of the mayor, the mayor may delegate such powers outlined in the ordinance to an emergency interim successor.

•the ordinance is in effect for 30 days from the passage, which was March 23.


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