The debate continues between Homer leaders and developers at the Chimney Oaks who are in the midst of adding a building that started out as a pro shop and fitness center and has since evolved into a Pro Shop, a Club House with two apartments and eight rentable rooms on the third floor.

During a city council work session last week, Jayme Ingraham of Honor Code, who has been hired by the city to handle code enforcement, explained the problems with the plans that have been submitted so far.

“Until we have professionally drawn plans, they can’t move forward,” she said. "Progress plans are for review and comment; they are not for construction."

It was noted that builders have been able to add siding and put in a sprinkler system.

Chimney Oaks reps did submit a more detailed plan, but Ingraham says she needs more.

In an email sent to Chimney Oaks developers, Ingraham writes, “The plans I received today are incomplete. The plans need to include plumbing, electrical, HVAC, electrical riser, life safety, sprinkler, and alarm wiring plans. The architectural drawings that I received are only part.”

Chimney Oaks representatives say the plan was already approved by retired building inspector Phil Grouper. Ingraham has enlisted Grouper’s guidance since concerning this matter, and she addressed this in the email.

“What was originally approved was only for the foundation with the understanding that a full set of plans were going to be submitted for review,” Ingraham continued. “These must be full sized construction drawings. They cannot be progress drawings.”

The recently submitted plans she does have show the first floor as storage for golf carts, the second floor as a commons area, and the third floor with two apartments on each end, and eight hotel rooms with a full kitchen in the commons area.

“What we see here is three different types of occupancy,” she said. “When Grouper saw the latest plans, he said, ‘What’s this?’”

Ingraham confirmed that Grouper said he never approved anything but plans for the foundation which were submitted on December 4, 2020. Again, developers have submitted another set of drawings, but they are still incomplete, so the work on the project is limited.


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