Recent incidents reported to the Banks County Sheriff's Office include the following:

•damage to a fire hydrant at a Highway 51 North, Homer, location.

•shoplifting at Walmart when a man took a box and left the store without paying for it.

•a man reported being the victim of a fraud when someone called and asked for the last four digits of his Social Security number and asked him to go to Walmart and get $1,000 to send to clear up a legal issue. The man did not send the money but he did give his Social Security number.

•a man reported being the victim of a hit and run when he was leaving the parking lot of Racetrac and someone hit the back of his vehicle and didn't stop.

•loitering and public indecency when a man was found sleeping in a vehicle behind the The Shoppes at Banks Crossing with only a shirt on.

•towels stolen from Zips Car Wash at Banks Crossing.

•domestic dispute at a Maysville residence during a dispute between a couple.

•truck damaged at a Woody Street, Homer, location.

•theft by shoplifting at Walmart when a woman switched tickets on items and went through the self-checkout line.

•a woman said that she was in jail someone stole her items from her room at the Commerce Inn.

•loitering when a suspicious person with no shoes on was spotted at a Highway 441, Commerce, address near Freedom Baptist Church.

•affray during a domestic dispute at a Yonah-Homer Road, Lula.

•credit card fraud when an Alto man said someone used his Visa card to make a purchase.

•battery during a dispute between two people at a Faulkner Road, Commerce, business.

•battery during a domestic dispute between a couple at a Moss Mill Road, Baldwin, address.

•shoplifting when a woman stole a pack of cigarettes from Racetrac at Banks Crossing.

•a man said he was delivering a package to a Grove Level Road, Commerce, residence when a dog bit him on the leg.

•stolen trailer recovered from a Bell Lane, Lula, address.

•trespassing at a Vaughn Road, Homer, address.

•electric fan and cooler taken from a Ridgeland Drive, Maysville, location.

•battery during a dispute between a couple at Commerce Inn at Banks Crossing.

•motorcycle stolen from Best Western at Banks Crossing.


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