Dear Editor: Many of our residents are members, or have been, of Christian Churches. We claim to lead our lives with the teachings of Jesus as our compass, the basis of our morality. However, I hear more quotes from Old Testament law to support positions held against abortion, against LGBT rights, for the death penalty, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. In my reading of the gospels, all life is important, not just the unborn. Are scriptures used to support what we as individuals have decided to believe?

In another area of our common life, we think the constitution of the United States is infallible, the decider of all things legal. The supreme court bases most of its decisions on it. Yet, many dismiss what it says about what is acceptable in our president. Bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors are clearly named as grounds for impeachment. Our founding fathers worried that a president might act like a King, like someone above the law. That is why there was a revolution from England. But some are saying, if we like our president, we look the other way or pretend the constitution no longer matters. We use this foundational document when we want it to support our position, “our man.”

These two guides have been held as our moral compasses. Have we now come to see them as no longer worthy?


Mary Ellen Myers

Alto, GA


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